The remainder of the report consists of graphs.


There are a few issues raised by Dr Brown that perhaps require an explanation.

Dr Brown suggests that the possible source of Magnesium could have been:

 Skin and frame components.

Pure magnesium metal components

Insulation fibreglass

Metalized Mylar

Emergency flares

Post-crash environment


As evidenced in the FAA burn tests,

skin and frame components in a fire involving simply the materials present in the area of the fire

would have hardly become warm let alone melt and vaporize to provide their component elements.

Pure magnesium components were limited to rudder pedals and pieces in the door locking mechanisms.

These items were all well below the level of the fire, even at the last moments of the flight.

Again, as seen in the FAA burn tests, the fibreglass insulation in a normal burn was hardly touched by the fire.

While it does burn, in a normal fire the Metalized Mylar burnt only slowly.

Something else had to have been present to cause a fire hot enough to melt aluminium.

Emergency flares can be removed from the equation

as any onboard flares would have been located in the doorway emergency exit chutes.

They were well below the level of the fire.

Post-crash environment had been ruled out previously by Dr Brown due to the lack of other elements in the beads.

Seawater contains nearly every element on earth, certainly a greater variety than those found in these beads.

If seawater had been the source, those other elements should have been present.


Considering the serious implications of this aspect of the investigation,

the Royal Canadian Mounted Police,

as the agency legally responsible for any criminal investigation of this matter,

should have undertaken an organized and concerted effort

to determine the true source of the questioned elements.

To do so, they should have taken control of the AES testing.

Instead, my efforts to supply test materials to Dr Brown

were stopped cold on the first day of December, 2000

by both Gerden and Lathem acting under the directions of their senior managers.

To allow the TSB as a non-criminal investigative agency with a mandate only for safety

to have complete jurisdiction in this investigation

was a dereliction of duty and an obstruction of justice.


Because of the pressure applied to Dr Brown

there can be no credibility at all in either this or the third AES report.

The TSB wanted to shut down the AES testing

because the results indicated a criminal cause for the fire.

When that attempt failed,

they tried to control the exhibits that were provided for comparative analysis.

That too failed.

So they then decided to intimidate and control the AES examiner and his reports.

Due to the manner in which the second and third AES reports were influenced,

ttheir only value would be in a Court of Law

to show the guilt of the individuals who were involved in those actions

both in the TSB and the RCMP.



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