- 2000 APR 04 -


00-04-04          0700    Morning routine.  .....

            Located a memo dated 00-03-27 from OIC Crim Ops ‘H’ Div., C/Supt DUNCAN to C/Supt ROGERSON of FFS.  In it he lists three points.

     That the RCMP has not detected any reasonable or probable grounds to believe that there is any human intervention in the crash of Swissair Flight 111.

     That the RCMP have no suspects nor are there persons with any motive that we have determined, that would be responsible for the crash of Swissair Flight 111.

     That there is no evidence that the RCMP has to indicate that there was an incendiary device that would bring the Swissair Flight 111 down.

            I have to disagree with the point about the incendiary device.  By its very nature, an incendiary device is self-consuming.  There is little likelihood of any part of a device remaining if it is a good one as it provides both the source of the fire and fuel for the heat.  However, we do have high magnesium remaining in some of the shorted wires, as shown by the AES.  Magnesium is a potential constituent of an incendiary device and will remain as an oxide in or on the materials present after the fire.  So far, we have been unable to show the cause of this magnesium from natural sources.  While TSB (FOOT) wants to show that the seawater and magnesium parts are the cause, there is nothing to prove it.  Indeed, Dr. BROWN thinks that it may not be the cause, and we are just starting the test to prove or disprove that fact.  The results are not in, and neither is BROWN’s report.  So what happens now with the tests?  We have had to argue with TSB to get them started, and I am now informed that only one wire will be tested.  Should that show the same results at the previous test wires, can we allow TSB to sweep those results under the table? 

            What happens when BROWN’s report is presented to the team members (likely in Ottawa)?  Will I be allowed to attend as a member of the RCMP, or will I be left behind, as the TSB will likely not pay for me to attend.  If I attend, will I be able to keep a copy of that report or will I have to turn it back in?  Where do I stand and how will the Force support me on it?

            In addition, GARSTANG is about four months away from having some of the best experts in the world look at the debris to determine the fire patterns and if there was sufficient fire load in the aircraft to cause that burn damage.  This includes QUINTIERE from the US.  They might well come back with a determination that there was a questionable cause.  Off the record, there has been some doubt raised by several people about the degree of burning.

            Generally, there are three areas of concern.  

#1        Where did the high magnesium come from?

#2        Is there enough of a fire load to support the amount of damage done?

#3        What was burning for a period of nearly ten minutes from the time smoke was smelled until the first event on the FDR was recorded?

            I have a concern over the investigation until these questions are answered.  In addition, there are other tests yet to be completed.  This includes the carpet material.  What caused the holes in the carpet pieces?  Hopefully lab analysis will determine what is in the residues.

            It is hoped that some positive direction will be given regarding the upcoming tests.

            Had a short conversation with John GARSTANG.  The rumours around Ottawa TSB are that there will be a Federal Inquiry into the accident.  Only rumours.






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