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are written without prejudice to those persons who are mentioned therein.

These matters have not yet been adjudged in a

Criminal Court of Law in Canada.




This TIMELINE provides links

to dates and events that occurred

 as part of the overall investigation,

and as influencing factors

that contributed to the abuse, harrassment and intimidation

carried out by senior management of the RCMP.


In this presentation,

dates will be written by several methods.

Whenever a date is written as a series of numbers such as


the year is first, the month is next, and the day of the month is last.

This method was the standard practice in the RCMP.


98 SEP 02 Shock wave of crash recorded at 9:31:18 pm EDT YES
98 SEP 03 Temporary morgue set up at Hangar 'B', Shearwater Naval Base YES
98 SEP 05 Passenger and cargo profiling ordered to cease YES
98 SEP 10 Crash ruled as accidental and no court expected YES
98 OCT 02 Commissioner Murray tours the hangar YES
98 NOV 03 Closure of the Morgue YES
98 NOV 07 RCMP Media Release regarding Criminal Complaint in Switzerland YES
98 NOV 08 Called into Hangar 'A', the reconstruction hangar YES
98 NOV 19 Meet with Lee Fraser & Gorman to discuss hangar duties YES
98 NOV 26 Meet with Lathem - exhibits to be processed as if going to court YES
98 DEC 09 Seconded to the Swissair file full time for its duration as of 98 OCT 25 YES
99 JAN 10 Morgue Report submited to Lee Fraser YES
99 MAR 12 Zurich trip #1 YES
99 MAY 13 Commissioner Murray tours the hangar YES
99 JUN 12 Zurich trip #2 YES
99 JUN 21 Initial meeting, in Zurich, to discuss AES and wire preparation YES
99 JUN 26 Zurich #2 trip observations YES
99 JUL 30 Designated as a member of Air Flow Committee and Wire Committee YES
99 AUG 05 Finally being accepted by Fogg and Foot YES
99 AUG 15 To Boeing Electrical Lab, Seattle for wire short-circuit preparations YES
99 SEP 13 AES Testing #1 YES
99 SEP 20 Aluminium Drop Test YES
99 SEP 21 Discussions regarding the lengthy AES process YES
99 SEP 22 Memo submitted to Lathem warning of possible criminal scenario YES
99 SEP 23 Dr. Brown's three possible scenarios YES
99 SEP 26 Phone conversation with C/Supt. Duncan YES
99 OCT 04 Lathem's demand for secrecy of AES results, discussion about sand YES
99 OCT 07 Gerden / Garstang / Dr. Brown conference call YES
99 OCT 12 Lathem's Folly & Reckless meeting YES
99 OCT 13 TSB member's opinion that IFEN system not at fault YES
99 OCT 16 Zurich trip #3 YES
99 OCT 22 Foot's revelation about possible criminal cause for the fire YES
99 OCT 25 AES testing #2 YES
99 OCT 29 Boeing interested in criminal cause, Airflow test problems YES
99 OCT 31 Egypt Air 990 crashes YES
99 NOV 02 Verbal support to Dr. Brown for any required testing YES
99 NOV 10 Air Flow Test Plans, AES, and TSB meeting YES
99 NOV 16 RCMP investigators' report indicating possible criminal cause YES
99 NOV 17 Lathem's file meeting & report to be backed by hard facts only YES
99 NOV 24 Ottawa rules file is assistance to TSB only YES
99 NOV 24 AES tests Report #2 to Lathem YES
99 NOV 30 Meeting with Gerden over AES continuation YES
99 DEC 04 Meeting in hangar with Garstang and doctors YES
99 DEC 06 Lathem's investigators' meeting - warning about note contents YES
99 DEC 15 TSB / RCMP meeting about AES - not a magic wand YES
99 DEC 16 Investigators' meeting - Lathem's request for operational plan YES
00 JAN 07 Disagreement with Gorman over airflow test attendance YES
00 JAN 09 AES testing #3 YES
00 JAN 11 Duncan meeting with investigators - investigation to go forward YES
00 JAN 22 Air Flow Test in Long Beach, Ca. YES
00 JAN 25 Discussion with Gerden about Sea Water Wire Test YES
00 JAN 28 Discussion with Garstang about Air Flow Test results YES
00 FEB 07 Discussion with Sidla about the grinding of the beads YES
00 FEB 08 Investigators' meeting - Gorman discusses my 'objectivity' YES
00 FEB 09 TSB / RCMP AES meeting - Foot to put Dr. Brown back on track YES
00 FEB 10 TSB's continued efforts to move file to Ottawa YES
00 FEB 11 Gorman's concern over exhibits, authorization for email to Dr. Brown YES
00 FEB 14 Email to Dr. Brown warning of pressure and to keep good notes YES
00 FEB 16 Pre New York Trip meeting, reply from Dr. Brown YES
00 FEB 17 Lathem & Gorman upset over email to Dr. Brown YES
00 FEB 21 FAA feel insufficient fire load & New York meeting with FBI, BATF YES
00 FEB 22 Vance holding up issue of report, and exhibit surface swab testing YES
00 FEB 23 Admendments to seawater wire test plan YES
00 MAR 01 AES testing #4, conference call at Crime Lab, seawater test discussion YES
00 MAR 02 Alternate testing methods - FIB discussed YES
00 MAR 03 Possible meeting Lathem, Gorman, Dr. Brown, and me YES
00 MAR 08 Discussion with Garstang about fire damage & Dr. Quintere YES
00 MAR 13 Discussion with Fogg about magnesium aircraft parts YES
00 MAR 21 Discussion with Garstang about tests and headliner - late melting YES
00 MAR 24 Seawater test prep, TSB / RCMP funding meeting YES
00 MAR 27 Howard Green films Seawater Wire Test preparation process YES
00 MAR 29 Turnover of the Philip Analytical Services report YES
00 APR 04 Duncan finance memo to Rogerson YES
00 APR 10 New York Trip Report YES
00 APR 10 Previous aircraft attacks using incendiary devices YES
00 APR 11 RCMP meeting - concerns over New York trip memo YES
00 APR 13 N Fraser to set up Photo Vista training, Control of my work by TSB YES
00 APR 14 Seawater wire tests - wires submerged in St. Margarets Bay YES
00 APR 20 Lathem / Duncan memo - no criminal involvement YES
00 APR 25 Memo to Lathem - Requesting AES-5 attendance YES
00 APR 25 Gorman's notes in E&R for this date YES
00 APR 26 Gorman / Lathem want more reasons for attendance at AES #5 YES
00 APR 27 Memo to Lathem - Further Reasons for attending AES #5 YES
00 MAY 01 Gorman's notes in E&R for this date YES
00 MAY 02 Lathem / Christiansen meeting - Change the Notes YES
00 MAY 03 Duncan / Atkins hangar meeting - parking the file YES
00 MAY 04 Problems with exhibit placement on FDCM YES
00 MAY 08 Lathem's 'Just the Facts' memo YES
00 MAY 08 Gorman's notes in E&R for this date YES
00 MAY 08 Request for meeting to discuss post-AES YES
00 MAY 12 Lathem / Gorman meeting - concern over my stress, leave, & attitude YES
00 MAY 12 Inspector with Privy Counsel connections, retrieval of test pallets YES
00 MAY 15 Lathem meeting to discuss parking the file YES
00 MAY 16 TSB / RCMP meeting on post-AES YES
00 MAY 25 Gerden's 56-million dollar TSB meeting YES
00 MAY 26 TSB members' comments regarding yesterday's TSB meeting YES
00 MAY 30 Discussion with Gorman about Crime Lab services and further tests YES
00 JUN 04 AES Testing is back on thanks to Dr. Brown & Fogg YES
00 JUN 06 FOOT's comments about FIB YES
00 JUN 12 AES testing #5 YES
00 JUN 13 Foot's comments about origin of hangar shutdown YES
00 JUN 13 Purchase memo to Lathem complaining about Christenson's notes xxxxx YES
00 JUN 14 Dr. Brown's statement that elements not selectively absorbed YES
00 JUN 15 CANMET meeting about FIB/TEM examination YES
00 JUN 19 Conversation with Othmar HUMMEL YES
00 JUN 26 Memo submitted showing the level of support from Lathem & Gorman YES
00 JUN 27 Learned from Foot that the wire's insulation contains no magnesium YES
00 JUN 28 Learned no magnesium in Seattle test samples, Gorman & FAA trip YES
00 JUN 29 RCMP hangar meeting over RCMP closure of hangar YES
00 JUN 30 End date for RCMP's backroom investigators YES
00 JUL 06 Conduit and wire insulation made of same material YES
00 JUL 09 Fogg / Foot email about insulation material YES
00 JUL 10 TSB has lost the fuel sample, London's comments about photo setup YES
00 JUL 11 TSB want to cancel the Sky Scan examinations YES
00 JUL 14 Aircraft alloys, Gorman / Fraser inventory inspection and arguement YES
00 JUL 17 Gorman's form 1004 reprimand & battery fin Al drop test report YES
00 JUL 18 Discussion with Lathem about the 1004 & equipment removal YES
00 JUL 19 Request for CANMET report for battery fin Al drop test YES
00 AUG 03 Discussion with Garstang over use of Dr. Quintiere as resource person YES
00 AUG 04 Email from FOOT listing upcoming tests YES
00 AUG 25 Fire Group meeting - conversation with Cahill & Davies - AES & ID YES
00 AUG 31 Sidla undertakes Sky Skan testing in Belgium YES
00 SEP 02 Zaccardelli becomes Commissioner of the RCMP, A Matter of Trust YES
00 SEP 08 The shipment of diamonds was neveer verified as cargo YES
00 SEP 10 Flaws remain in the TSB's Forward Drop Ceiling Mock-up YES
00 SEP 11 Systems meeting in Ottawa - Lathem in Vancouver lecturing on SR111 YES
00 SEP 15 Oxygen Line Endcap Leak Test in Ottawa results YES
00 SEP 17 Details of Oxygen Line Endcap Leak Test from Garstang YES
00 SEP 20 TSB meeting YES
00 OCT 02 TSB shutdown, Scarry article and discussion with Lathem YES
00 OCT 05 Cause determination memo by TSB YES
00 OCT 07 Learned of explosive exhibits that were kept secret YES
00 OCT 12 Ceiling tile burnt at 1700 deg F for five minutes YES
00 OCT 13 Discussion with Ernst, then with Lathem over ceiling tile YES
00 OCT 15 Ceiling tile being re-assessed YES
00 OCT 18 Garstang's comments about FAA burn tests of end caps & mylar YES
00 OCT 19 Discussion with Garstang over FAA - Boeing faulty materials YES
00 OCT 23 Problem with recording and placement of exhibits on frame by TSB YES
00 OCT 26 Memo to Lathem about FAA - Boeing faulty materials tests YES
00 OCT 31 Lathem acknowledged receipt through Cooper YES
00 NOV 02 Email to Dr. Brown after waiting 5 months for authority YES
00 NOV 03 Email from Dr. Brown - no natural source for magnesium in the beads YES
00 NOV 04 Discussion with Garstang over upcoming Fire Committee meeting YES
00 NOV 06 Email from Dr. Brown about magnesium sources YES
00 NOV 06 Discussion with Lathem - AES criminal results & FAA-Boeing memo YES
00 NOV 07 'Black Weapon' investigation YES
00 NOV 10 'Black Weapon' investigation process YES
00 NOV 12 Memo to Lathem about future work requirements YES
00 NOV 15 Lathem's request for Sieverts' rule, meeting in Ottawa YES
00 NOV 16 Email to Dr. Brown about exemplar samples YES
00 NOV 20 Ceiling tile burnt at 1100 deg F for ten minutes YES
00 NOV 23 Discussion with Garstang - repercussions over memo of OCT 26 YES
00 NOV 26 Discussion with Garstang about Gerden's reaction to the memo YES
00 NOV 28 Conversation with Cahill over AES findings YES
00 NOV 29 Exhibits forwarded to Dr. Brown as requested YES
00 NOV 29 TSB online report of Arson on aircraft at Montreal Airport YES
00 NOV 30 Garstang advises that Gerden seeking meeting with Lathem on AES YES
00 DEC 01 Dr. Brown's email confirming TSB's receipt of first AES report YES
00 DEC 01 Lathem's ambush meetings & order to turn-over the notes YES
00 DEC 02 More notes on yesterday's ambush meetings YES
00 DEC 04 Comments of Kerr, Cooper, Garstang, and Enns YES
00 DEC 05 Gerden's comment that no knowledge of contents of AES report YES
00 DEC 06 Discussion with Lathem over database and ongoing work YES
00 DEC 07 Conversation with Enns and the IFALPA rep over IFEN YES
00 DEC 12 Fogg advises of early circuit breaker noise on CVR YES
00 DEC 13 Description of burnt area and material present YES
00 DEC 14 TSB moves out of the hangar YES
00 DEC 15 Notes turned over to Lathem YES
00 DEC 19 Lathem's reprimand & his statement of face to face with Fraser YES
00 DEC 20 Lathem to Fraser memo - request for review of notes YES
01 JAN 10 Message to Gorman about overtime hours YES
01 JAN 16 Email to Dr. Brown on future value of AES & keeping a copy of notes YES
01 JAN 17 Comment of Lathem's secretary about exhibit number inquiries YES
01 JAN 18 TSB's Fire Meeting in hangar YES
01 JAN 22 Fraser to Lathem memo - results of review of notes YES
01 JAN 25 Vance indicates TSB must look into magnesium, EMI, and other issues YES
01 JAN 26 Comments of Fogg regarding TSB's attitude towards investigation YES
01 JAN 29 Fuel Valve found closed thus indicating possible fuel dump YES
01 JAN 29 Comments of Ferguson regarding flammable materials in the plane YES
01 FEB 05 Gorman reneges on his overtime agreement YES
01 FEB 05 Garstang unable to share information YES
01 FEB 08 Results of Doctor's appointment YES
01 FEB 08 Too many cooks will spoil everything YES
01 FEB 09 Garstang's response - only one cook necessary YES
01 FEB 13 Email from Lathem about meeting on Feb 20 with Fraser YES
01 FEB 14 Email from Dr. Brown advising of pressure from his supervisor YES
01 FEB 15 Email to / from Neil Fraser about meeting on Feb 20 YES
01 FEB 16 Future plans for the file YES
01 FEB 19 'Change the notes' pre-meeting YES
01 FEB 19 Correspondence to be presented at the FEB 20 meeting YES
01 FEB 20 'Change the notes' meeting YES
01 FEB 21 Further notes of emails, etc. from yesterday's meeting YES
01 FEB 22 More notes from meeting of Feb 20 YES
01 FEB 23 Results of 'Black Weapon' testing in Vancouver YES
01 FEB 26 Gerden's request for continued work in the Hangar YES
01 FEB 28 Message from Lathem - still in business in the hangar as usual YES
01 MAR 07 List of Tasks, plan to extend my time in hangar, and photos of shroud YES
01 MAR 15 Another extension of time in hangar YES
01 MAR 16 Lathem's call about the extension YES
01 MAR 20 Gerden / Fraser phone conversation about AES reports YES
01 MAR 21 Lathem supplies training materials on notes YES
01 MAR 27 Meeting with J.J. King from Internal Investigations Section YES
01 APR 02 To Ottawa for technical notes with Garstang & Fogg YES
01 APR 04 No indication of reoccurring faults within the Swissair fleet YES
01 APR 05 Request to the Crime Lab to attend meeting to review AES Reports YES
01 APR 20 Email to Lathem listing further duties for another time extension YES
01 APR 21 Garstang's request of another extension YES
01 MAY 03 Official turnover to RCMP of Dr. Brown's two AES reports YES
01 MAY 03 To attend at the FAA burn tests, no end-date for time in hangar YES
01 MAY 03 Ottawa meeting notes of Gorman, Yamashita, and Ballantyne YES
01 MAY 12 Gorman's request to Crime Lab to check AES Reports YES
01 MAY 14 Nelson & Norman - 'someone on the opposite side of the fence' YES
01 MAY 24 Initial comments of Ballantyne YES
01 JUN 15 Email from Norman about reports and TSB / RCMP meeting YES
01 JUN 18 Conversation with one of the 'readers of the notes' YES
01 JUN 19 Fredericton - Fraser's comments about notes & turnover of AES reports YES
01 JUN 25 ADR on lieu time off for overtime worked YES
01 JUN 28 TSB turn-over of AES reports to RCMP, and oxygen line test results YES
01 JUL 03 More TSB time extensions YES
01 JUL 10 Return of promotion forms from Lathem YES
01 JUL 13 Winnipeg promotion board YES
01 AUG 01 Stothart / Gorman emails - lack of knowledge of AES reports YES
01 AUG 16 TSB's lost fuel sample is found YES
01 AUG 20 Neil Fraser's fabricated problem on the Ident Section YES
01 SEP 09 FAA - 1 tests YES
01 SEP 10 Discussions with Enns, Sidla, and Dr. Lyon - duct layout & Oxygen line YES
01 SEP 11 9/11 at the FAA Tech Center YES
01 SEP 16 Return through US Customs YES
01 SEP 26 Conference call about upcoming FAA tests YES
01 OCT 04 Garstang mentions magnesium issue may be settled YES
01 OCT 09 Discussion with Garstang about explosive wires, bullets, and high heat YES
01 OCT 10 Time extension, FAA-2 test date, decision about explosive wires YES
01 OCT 11 Garstang / Stothart meeting to discuss contentious issues YES
01 OCT 12 Explosive wire water tests, and TSB's handling of the matter YES
01 OCT 16 Detailed descriptions of explosive wires YES
01 OCT 26 Received expense cheque for the FAA-1 trip more than a month late YES
01 OCT 29 Lathem's controlling moves regarding the FAA trips YES
01 OCT 30 Trying to overcome problems when crossing the border YES
01 NOV 02 Final preparations before leaving for FAA-2 YES
01 NOV 03 FAA - 2 tests YES
01 NOV 07 Sidla advises magnesium no longer an issue YES
01 NOV 09 Dr. Lyon - lack of molten Al in their FAA tests without added accelerant YES
01 NOV 14 Time extension, major burn discussion, prep for meeting, transfer notice YES
01 NOV 19 Concerns over Phase 2 burn, Quintiere's recommendation YES
01 NOV 20 TSB's response to Dr. Lyon YES
01 NOV 21 Tanner's 'out of the kindness of his heart' meeting YES
01 NOV 22 Letter from Tanner - changing his plans YES
01 NOV 23 Tanner & Gerden finally communicate and FAA-3 is on YES
01 NOV 26 Tanner meeting cancelled, so meeting with Fraser YES
01 NOV 28 Message from Neil Fraser and Tanner YES
01 DEC 01 FAA - 3 tests YES
01 DEC 02 Enns - Dr. Quintiere's belief of insufficient fire load to melt aluminium YES
01 DEC 07 FAA-3 Fraud Burn Test YES
01 DEC 17 Message advising of time off, and Gerden kept in the know of FAA tests YES
01 DEC 18 Began my three lieu-days-off for Ontario Police College interview YES
02 JAN 02 Memo from Neil Fraser - rescheduling time YES
02 JAN 03 Tanner's abusive phone call YES
02 JAN 04 'Thank you' message from Garstang YES
02 JAN 07 Tanner meeting - received order to vacate hangar, then Neil Fraser YES
02 JAN 08 Messages to and from Neil Fraser about finishing in the hangar YES
02 JAN 09 Neil Fraser audits the expense claims and overtime YES
02 JAN 14 Gorman's report to the file about Oxygen line leak YES
02 JAN 14 Setup of the FAA burn frame YES
02 JAN 14 Transfer of documents from Gorman to Stothart YES
02 JAN 18 My end-date in the hangar, meeting with MacLaughlan YES
02 JAN 19 More services required - TSB want another extension YES
02 JAN 20 Fraser's request for final AES report YES
02 JAN 21 Meeting with MacLaughlan YES
02 JAN 30 Tanner's Abusive Memo to MacLaughlan YES
02 FEB 02 Expense claims held up, and typical work on a day of annual leave YES
02 FEB 11 Ballantyne's notes - evaluating the reports YES
02 FEB 12 Ballantyne's memo to Gorman - results of AES reports review YES
02 FEB 13 Financial Services finally received the expense claims YES
02 FEB 17 Typical TSB problem solved, even though on leave YES
02 FEB 25 TSB turnover to Fraser of final AES report YES
02 MAR 06 Concluding Ident Report to MacLaughlan YES
02 MAR 06 Gorman memo to Stothart with Lab report on AES reports review YES
02 MAY 21 Gorman memo to Stothart with AES final report YES
02 MAY 24 Lathem's demand for investigation into accusations of wrong doing YES
02 JUN 24 MacLaughlan's IIS memo - 3 questions about 'change the notes' demand YES
02 SEP 02 Meeting with MacLaughlan over retirement, last day as RCMP member YES
03 MAR 27 TSB's final report released to the public YES
03 SEP 12 Assessments quashed by CO 'H' Div. YES
03 DEC 31 New promotion board ordered YES
04 DEC 16 New promotion board results YES
06 DEC 16 Commissioner Busson takes over from Commissioner Zaccardelli YES
06 DEC 28 Final results of 2nd RFI for promotion YES
07 APR 03 Complaint to the Commissioner YES
07 APR 27 Notes of Complaint to the Force between this date and 2010 NOV 02 YES
07 JUL 16 William Elliott becomes Commissioner of the RCMP YES
07 NOV 09 Conlin's initial response to my complaint YES
07 NOV 21 Reply to Conlin and her bio from the RCMP website YES
08 JUL 18 The Robert Dziekanski death connection YES
08 SEP 08 Conversation with Larry Fogg in Halifax about the investigation YES
09 MAR 25 Conlin's concluding memo - The Conlin Report YES
09 MAY 02 Rebuttal memo sent to Conlin YES
09 JUN 04 Emails between Dept of Justice and RCMP - ATIP results YES
11 SEP 16 CBC's The Fifth Estate airs 'Swissair 111 - The Untold Story' YES
11 SEP 17 TSB's response to the program YES
11 SEP 19 Larry Vance's response to the program YES
11 NOV 21 Bob Paulson becomes Commissioner of the RCMP YES
12 FEB 09 Complaint to Commissioner Paulson YES
12 MAR 03 Response from Hincke, PIO, and his bio YES
12 MAY 17 Rebuttal to Hincke's memo YES
12 JUN 21 Response from MacMillan, Acting PIO YES
12 JUL 10 Sun News Interview with Michael COREN YES
13 SEP 03 Interview on Ric Howe Show, - News 95.7 Halifax YES
17 JAN 24 Book 'Twice As Far' published & available for public with this website YES
17 JAN 25 Complaint email to Minister of Public Safety, Commissioner, & others YES
17 FEB 03 Interviewed on Rick Howe Show - News 95.7 Halifax NO
17 FEB 20 Email to Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC) YES
17 FEB 22 Response from CRCC YES
17 FEB 23 Reply to CRCC with copy of manuscript and brief details YES
17 MAR 10 CRCC unable to investigate YES
17 APR 11 Response from Public Safety Minister - file remains closed YES
17 APR 28 MacNab's Book Review - Q & A in Chronicle Herald, Halifax YES
17 MAY 13 Interview with Bruce Frisko for CTV weekend news YES
17 MAY 22 ATIP material and my response YES
17 JUN 05 Letter of interest regarding USS GRAPPLE's recovery of diamonds YES
17 JUN 29 Interview for Hagmann & Hagmann Report in USA released YES
17 JUL 17 Interview by Kevin Shipp of Intelligence Hour radio program YES
17 SEP 11 Interview for Hagmann & Hagmann Report in USA YES
18 MAY 14 Copy of book Twice As Far to Commissioner Lucki YES
18 JUN 25 Correspondence from Commissioner Lucki YES
18 AUG 28 Interviewed live on Ric Howe Show - News 95.7 Halifax NO
18 SEP 06 Brenda Lucki officially becomes the Commissioner of the RCMP YES
18 DEC 14 Interview with John B. Wells, Caravan to Midnight YES
19 JAN 12 Dr. Brown's signed statement of events surrounding his involvement YES
19 FEB 07 Two hour radio interview by Dr. J on the United Public Radio Network YES
19 AUG 07 One hour radio interview on House of Mystery Radio, KCAA radio YES



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