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            This morning I received an e-mail from John GARSTANG regarding several articles:


Yesterday, you and Karl Christiansen asked me if I could provide you with an example of an aircraft incendiary occurrence.  I did a cursory search and confirmed a probable in-flight case, and a ground attack (Note: as you are probably aware, incendiary attacks have also taken place on airline offices, etc.).  There could be other better examples, but I limited my search to something quick (most of my Air India related reference material is in Ottawa). 

The in-flight case involved a Gulf Air 737 fire that occurred in September 1983.  Investigation indicated that it was probable that an incendiary device exploded in the forward cargo compartment.  It was reported that the pressure from the explosion, although not rupturing the pressure vessel, did dislodge cargo lines, thus destroying the integrity of the class "D" compartment.  The fire spread to the cabin and caused the aircraft to crash into the desert killing all on board. 

If I remember all the details correctly (I have to check my file), the ground occurrence involved the Black September terrorist group which attacked an El Al Boeing 707, in Athens, Greece, with thermite grenades and other weapons.  Jean-Yves Vermette (RCMP) is familiar with this case and can provide you with detailed incendiary grenade information.

Due to the sensitivity of this subject, I have only cc'd Vic and Larry.  Some time ago, Vic had asked me to only disseminate information of this type to either him or Larry.  I would ask you to do the same unless they advise you otherwise. 

Regards, John

(CLARIFICATION)              Yet another example of the TSB managers not wanting to disseminate information if it involves anything of a criminal nature.



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