- 2000 APR 25 -


00-04-25          0700    Morning routine.  The following memo was submitted to Insp. LATHEM:

OIC RCMP Swissair Task Force                                        PROTECTED B

Hangar A CFB Shearwater

Halifax, N.S. B0J 3A0                                                         98-H-2127


Sgt. T.C. JUBY

RCMP FIS Swissair Task Force

Hangar A CFB Shearwater, Halifax, N.S. B0J 3A0            00-04-25

Re:       AES SEAWATER WIRE STANDARDS    AUGER TESTING     CANMET, Ottawa     00-06-12/16                                                    

             On 00-04-20, e-mail was received from Jim FOOT advising that the proposed examination date at CANMET for the seawater wires is set for 00-06-12/16.  He expects as many as twenty sites to be examined on five or six exhibits, the wires to be selected by Dr. BROWN.

            What is our status regarding attendance at this testing?  At our meeting of 00-04-11, it was understood that money was to be made available for this type of undertaking.  On consulting with John GARSTANG, he was of the understanding that TSB will not be funding our attendance and that they did not know if we would be attending. It goes without saying that the sooner I can make the reservations, the less expensive the flight.

            These tests are important.  We have undertaken the seawater test preparations virtually on our own with some assistance from our investigative partners.  If we do not attend at CANMET, then we are giving the impression that everything we have done is for nothing and have no interest in the outcome.  It is also important to note that this testing is undertaking groundwork that has never before been performed, and it may have international implications on past and future investigations. 

            In addition to the wire testing, I am hoping to include or have Dr. BROWN conduct on his own time testing of samples such as the Metallized Mylar & Tedlar, the aluminium skin and frame, and several other metal items found above the ceiling.  He has requested these items several times, and they certainly should be examined before his final report is submitted.

            Authorization to travel to these tests is requested.

 (T.C. Juby), Sgt.         Forensic Identification Section         Swissair Flight 111 Task Force




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