- 2000 APR 25 -



25th April ‑ received from Insp. Andy Latham, correspondence that Sgt. Tom Juby had written concerning the AES seawater, water standards, auger testing at Can Med, Ottawa, dated for the 12th to the 16th June 2000.  Insp. Latham requested that I return this correspondence to Sgt. Juby so that it would be submitted through channels, proper channels, which would go through myself as a Senior Ident Specialist, with comments onto Insp. Latham, and he wished the memo to be resubmitted outlining the expectations for the final examination of the wires.  Memo was returned to Sgt. Juby to resubmit it, and he was advised that it should come through channels for my comments.

This date I spoke with Larry Vance, TSB, I asked him if TSB were prepared to send Sgt. Tom Juby to Ottawa for the completion of the AES testing.  He advised that a decision has not been made.  He further stated that they had not received their budget to date and have been asked to spend for only essential requirements.  He wasn't sure from their perspective of this, sending Sgt. Juby to Ottawa to record this testing was an essential requirement for their agency.  He stated that he would attempt to have a decision made possibly by Thursday and that I would be advised.  He further stated that testing may be postponed for a later date which would ensure that the TSB may have their new budget by that time?  I discussed the sending of Sgt. Juby to Ottawa with Insp. Latham, it was agreed that Sgt. Juby should attend the testing of the wires in Ottawa.  He has attended all the testing to date and he should be there for the completion of these examinations.  I advised Insp. Latham of my conversation with Larry Vance of the TSB.

(Clarification:)    These are Gorman's notes in E&R for this date.  E&R was the data base for exhibits and the notes created by RCMP members in the hangar.  It eventually would be turned over to the TSB for their filing purposes, but in the mean time, every entry was open for other members to read. 

Gorman has recorded material that was not appropriate for general reading as it was disciplinary in nature.  As my supervisor, it was improper for him to record this material in E&R. 

As will be seen in the next entry of the timeline, Gorman merely suggested that this would be the last trip should by included in the memo, even though I had no crystal ball in which to forcast the future.  Gorman never told me that he had spoken to Vance, or that Lathem already supported the trip and it was merely a paper chase by completing the memo. 

What's more, when the memo was placed on Gorman's desk, he was away and would not return for more than a week.  It sat on his disk for all that time unread by either him or Lathem.  I know this because I had printed the memo on the only paper available, green bond paper, and it was placed upside down on the centre of his desk, where it remained undisturbed until his eventual return.

During the meeting of 01 FEB 20 (Change the Notes Meeting), I asked Lathem about these notes.  His response was that they were now in E&R as notes, so they cannot be removed or altered.  He intended to do nothing about them.  Ironic considering just a few minutes before he had demanded that I change my notes.




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