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            This afternoon had a meeting between the TSB and us.  Insp. LATHEM was over with Neil FRASER, and Andy KERR and Dwayne COOPER were present.  For the TSB Vic GERDEN, John GARSTANG, Larry VANCE and Jim FOOT were present, the latter two coming in late.

            To start, Insp. LATHEM had some very direct statements regarding the fileís conclusion, comments being made to other people about us dropping the file, and other things, and they were directed right at me.  In short, I was ambushed in front of everyone in the room, and I was forced to defend myself.  Comments were made about me going to the FAA, about the file being closed down on the 15th, and other things.  LATHEM was very pointed in his remarks.  It certainly seems that several people around here have been feeding back things to him that, when taken out of context, can look bad in some peopleís eyes.  He was very pointed in his remarks, very loud, and not at all diplomatic in front of another agency.  As I glanced around the room, KERR, COOPER, and GARSTANG looked and acted embarrassed.  I know that I certainly was embarrassed with his approach and upset with his allegations. 

            Finally, we got into other areas, including the AES, reports, etc.  Post December 15th was discussed, and John GARSTANG requires work regarding the photographs and exhibit samples and reports.  He doesnít know how much, and this is yet to be worked out.  However, he will be putting in a request after we discuss the matter.  With some forewarning, we could have previously discussed it and have been prepared.

            When it was over, LATHEM and FRASER made their way to my office, and in two words or less, LATHEM was pissed off, and he certainly was not bashful about making the fact known.  He was mad about the exhibits to BROWN, contact with the FAA, comments around the hangar, contact with Karl CHRISTIANSEN, just to name a few.  One would think that I am not allowed to have contact with anyone, or to speak about the file at all.  I told him that I didnít think that I was being monitored for what I said and to whom I spoke.  He said that I wasnít, but that I had no business saying what he alleges that I said.  Specifically, when the file is over, I am to hand in everything.  And to ensure that I do, I was made to sign and acknowledge a direct written order to turn over everything by 00 DEC 15.  Failure to do so will result in my suspension without pay.  I understand that this is the same form that Karl had to sign.  I asked him if he had any reason to believe that I would not hand in my notes and material, and he said no, but that this ensured full compliance.  I take this as a threat, and as an attempt to intimidate me.  Either I do as I am told, or I will be suspended, and there isnít any other way of looking at it.  It is a warning to once again keep my mouth shut and I donít see any other way it can be taken.  When I asked, he did say that I could keep a copy of my notes.  I questioned him about work after the 15th, and he said it could be added later.  I asked about follow-up work regarding reports coming in, particularly the AES report, etc.  I was told that they would go on file and that I would have nothing to do with them.  I was also told that once I am finished the frame pans, there would be no more overtime.  He wanted to know when that would be, and I told him that I did not know for sure, as it was up to John GARSTANG.  He suggested that since I had told him in the TSB meeting that it would be Tuesday, then that would be the final day.  I told him that it would be up to John GARSTANG when I do the pans, and not me.  I asked about time off, and was told that I would have to contact GORMAN to set something up, that he was not going to do anything about it.

            Neil FRASER made a comment about me being the only one in the room who thought that there had been an incendiary device on the aircraft, so why do I think that I am the only one right.  He has it partially right and largely wrong.  I may well have been the only one in the room holding this opinion, that there could have been a device above the ceiling.  But I donít know if there was a device on the aircraft or not.  I just want the matter thoroughly looked into.  This includes the AES with BROWN, the carpet holes, and the hot ceiling tiles.  When they come back with a reliable cause, then I will agree that there was nothing up there.  That has been my argument all along.  But I guess that if LATHEM has his way, I will not know those answers, as either we are not privy to the reports, or it will be after December when the reports come in.  The topic of overtime was raised again by Neil, and that I was putting in too much effort for my own health.  I said that this was an old subject, but that no help had ever been offered.

            Well, they can have it all, and I will be out of here on the 15th.  Anything after that, weíll see what my schedule is, because I am taking time off!  Iím sick and tired of the bullshit and the politics involved in this file, the attempts to make me think that I have been doing something wrong when all I have been doing is to be a Police investigator, something that Supt. DUNCAN (now Deputy Commissioner) told me to do in the meeting back in June.  If there is nothing to hide, then why the problem with what I have been doing?  But nothing has changed from earlier.  So, just two more weeks from today!



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