- 2000 DEC 06 -


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00-12-06          0700    Morning routine.  .....

            Insp. LATHEM was in today for a meeting over various things with the TSB, Andy KERR, and Duane COOPER, including the alarm systems and database.  Afterwards he came to see me asking if I had heard anything.  I told him that John GARSTANG had submitted his request via email to GERDEN (and a phone call) to keep me on until at least the end of February.  When I finished, he said he knew all of this, having spoken with GERDEN yesterday, although John only submitted the email this morning.  He is basically taking the stand that whatever they want; they can get - for manpower.  However, the database is another thing.  John would like a copy on my computer so we can make queries, including photos, data, and tasks (tasks required as the many lab submissions are entered as tasks.)  However, he has assured A/Commr. L’ABBE in Ottawa that there are only two databases, the one at TSB and the one COOPER now has.  I suggested locking my copy so I cannot make alterations, so it really isn’t an operational database in the same sense.  I suggested that it would slow things down too much and it would be extremely burdensome to have to rely on the TSB copy in Ottawa for our work here.  He said he would give it consideration and get back to me next week or so, as he did not want to slow things down.  He asked if there was sufficient work to do, and I told him that I had lots, that Don ENNS was already resorting the blankets, and showed him the one I had on the wall.

            There was no reference at all to last week’s episode.  It is interesting to note that there was no longer a concern for my health, my leave, etc., as was expressed last week, even though this extension means no leave now until at least March.  I wonder if that now is the final shut down date for us at the hangar.  Time will tell!


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