- 2000 DEC 07 -


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00-12-07          0700    Morning routine.  Worked on cleaning up exhibits to make sure everything is on E&R for the close down.


            Was present for a conversation between Mr. DEMONE (or DELYONE) of ILFAPA representative and a pilot, and Don ENNS.  I was present because I intended to ask Don something about seat cushion Exh #1-9171, and instead of interrupting, I stood beside them until they finished.  They both knew that I was present, so the conversation was not eavesdropping.  The conversation centred around the effect that problems in the IFEN system would have on the comfort level of the passengers and flight crew.  DEMONE said that he had been talking with fellow pilots about the matter, and it was suggested that should a problem occur in the IFEN, the first thing noticeable would likely be a loss of programming on the seat screens.  Either the movies or games would malfunction.  This would result in the passengers complaining to the flight attendants, who in turn would verbally advise the flight crew.  However, there was no evidence of this on the CVR prior or after the smell of smoke.  Don ENNS advised that he agreed and thought the IFEN system malfunction was a secondary event and not a primary.  So it would seem that the feeling certainly is that the IFEN was not the cause, and this would lend some level of proof to that thinking.

            This brings to mind the fact that nothing has been said about Jim FOOT’s effort to determine if a short circuit event was ever located on the CVR.  I do know that efforts have been made as there were some indications of an unknown noise several minutes prior to the smell of smoke; however, nothing at all has been said about this matter.



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