- 2000 DEC 12 -


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00-12-12          0700    Morning routine.  Worked on notes most of the day.

            During a conversation with Larry FOGG today, he advised that an event has been located on the CVR that could possibly be a circuit breaker popping.  This occurs several minutes before the smell of smoke.  A noise analysis of the event shows it to be highly likely the popping of a breaker.  He said that this has been known for some time.  It seems that on the last trip to Zurich, FOOT did some work on it.  It also seems that we are not a party of this knowledge, having to obtain it during conversations with partner companies (unless of course Insp. LATHEM has been advised by GERDEN).  However, this does not eliminate the possibility of a device having started the fire, which then caused the short circuit that popped the switch.

            In addition, while looking for exhibit numbers, FOGG came across correspondence from SIDLA dealing with the last analysis of molten metals from various locations, including Exh #1-3763.  It seems that this exhibit has high magnesium content without copper, zinc, and other elements that would indicate it to be one of the three main alloys in the aircraft.  Again, we have not been privy to this data.

(Clarification:)  Exh 1-3763 was a length of IFEN wire, and one of the elements lacking, instead of copper, should have read aluminium.)



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