- 2000 DEC 15 -


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00-12-15          0700    The last day of the old routine that includes having a commissionaire and KERR/COOPER/MacDONALD & the vets, Bob & Dale.  Dwayne knows where he is going, but Andy still has nothing definite.  It might show just how little importance we hold that neither knew until this week, and Andy won’t know definitely until next week.  For their last day, Insp. LATHEM didn’t even call, let alone drop around to present them with the usual certificate.  Those two have worked hard here and have literally just been forgotten.  As for me, well, I have been a thorn in too many sides to get anything other than a boot.

            My file notes on CD were turned over to COOPER this morning, advising him that was everything now up until today. 


            From 1000 hrs on, worked on the alarms and shutdown.  Set up the ‘J’ hangar alarm with me as the master number, and John GARSTANG and Bill FOWLER with temporary numbers.  I was then shown how to change the numbers, which I did with John, allowing him to put in his own number.  John had considered a fourth number simply for a TSB visitor, namely Vic GERDEN or Larry VANCE if & when they come down, however Bill FOWLER said that he definitely did not want an unknown fourth person having access, and he said that goes for the frame room and the TSB office as well.  Because Bill FOWLER was pressed for time, we were unable to change his number or show him the system, but he was given the temporary number and keys to the ‘J’ hangar, as well as his temporary codes to the TSB office and frame room, although he doesn’t yet have those keys.  Was then able to set up the frame room and TSB office is the same manner, with me as the master number and temporary numbers for everyone.  Then, as time permitted, each changed the numbers individually.  Keys now have to be cut, as there seems to be a limited number. 



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