- 2000 FEB 11 -


00-02-11          0700    Morning routine.  Printed off the seawater test plan and gave a copy to SIDLA for his perusal and comments and asked him to supply feedback.  He advised that he would do so.  Also supplied a copy to John GARSTANG.  Will e-mail a copy to everyone as noted on the bottom of the plan.  Ö..

            For most of the day, worked on preparing photos for LATHEMís and LONDONís New York presentation.

            Spoke with John GARSTANG about the AES discussion the other day.  What is important to remember is that while FOOT & SIDLE are prepared to say that as much as 7000 A deep may still be in the cap area, BROWN is the expert in the field, not them.  As well, if they are willing to accept the readings for the ANDERSON theory as being valid, then they must also accept those readings for the magnesium, aluminium, & zinc.  They cannot accept one without the other.  What they must also realize is that there is strong evidence that the wires were not contaminated by crash debris.  First, they could not all have been contaminated in this manner, as that would be impossible.  Second, how can one bead be contaminated while a second only cmís apart not be contaminated?  And then, how could there be contamination at depth in the wire without contamination in the cap area?  These are three important points that I did not raise the other day and will keep for the big meeting that is bound to come up when the findings are discussed.  Will have to work on some tables and charts of this.

            Late in the afternoon, Vic GORMAN came in with the three hundred rolls of new film.  He also advised that the TSB members were anxious over the quantity of material that has to be photographed for PMPís and burn photos.  I told him that this was the first that I had heard of it, but he advised that TSB was preparing to have a meeting involving GERDEN & VANCE.  I suggested that he check to see just how much material there really is, and that we can start on it Monday.  I am not really that concerned over it, as this has happened before with Don ENNS, and it turned out to be only a few dozen items.  But its Doug McEWEN this time, and he is a bit of a doer in getting things done and can be taken the wrong way if you donít know him.  However, he saw me during the day and spoke to me about the placement of various exhibits, but never mentioned anything about a volume of exhibits for processing.  Vic later came back with a sheet indicating that they had to deal with as many as 500 exhibits, but most have not yet had the burn sheets completed.  There are only about 50 exhibits for PMPís.  Once finished, I can help Vic on the burn items if they are ready.  Only five or six are for the jig, the rest will go back into the boxes, so really of no value, and no real urgency in completing them.

            John also saw me during the day asking me to get onto the OMís of the exhibits ASAP so that they do not loose PARISEE.

            Authorization received for a new laptop computer, and also to increase the size of the hard drive on the desktop.  So bought a 20 gig hard drive from Future Shop this evening - $290 plus tax.

            Checked with LATHEM and he is in agreement.  I will liaise with Dr. BROWN via e-mail over the AES testing and reports.  This will keep a record of exactly what I say to him.  Insp. LATHEM agrees that I will ask him to advise me if he is pressured to limit what he puts in his reports.  Will do that up next week and will also discuss the Focused Ion Beam system for cutting the beads.

(Clarification:)  The last paragraph is particularily important.  Also, at no time did London or Lathem ask for detailed information regarding either AES or the aircraft overhead area in order to prepare themselves for their New York presentation.  An additional note, a 20 gig hard drive at that time for a desktop computer was exceptional.



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