- 2000 FEB 14 -


00-02-14          0700    Routine morning.  Notes to KERR, who gave them to FRAIL to work on.  However, they soon realized that it is a massive undertaking and an impossible task as I have been involved with a large number of exhibits. 

            E-mail off to Dr. BROWN as follows:


            I am sending this to you via e-mail rather than phone so that I have a record of what transpires. 

            It seems that we have reached an agreement with the TSB to conduct seawater tests on aircraft wires.  These wires are being sought from Swissair and Boeing, and hopefully the preparations will be complete in another two weeks.  The wires will then be sunk in approx. 50 feet of seawater for a period of 30 days.

            There is no agreement as yet on the actual date of testing, and that of course is your call.  The agreement is for TSB to undertake this AES testing to augment the aircraft wire testing. 

            Attached is an outline of the test proposal, and I would appreciate any input that you can give me.  I have tried to follow your requests as I understand them from our previous conversations in Ottawa.  If there is anything that should be changed, please advise me.  I hope to start putting together some of the materials this week.

            I will add that there was considerable opposition to this project from Jim FOOT and Gus SIDLA of TSB, and I understand that you have or will soon be asked for a report of the aircraft wire testing independent of these wire standards.  I have been led to believe that the Anderson Theory report will be separated from the Magnesium, Iron, Zinc problem.  I have no real problem with this at this time, so long as both areas are looked at fairly and completely. 

            However, I have legitimate concerns over what pressures may be applied to you, either past, present or future, with regards to both subject matters in an effort to control your opinions and reports.  I am asking you to record good notes of what transpires between you and any TSB member regarding the contents of those report(s).  This is for your own protection at a later date as this matter will surely be raised in litigation.  I am also asking that if pressure is applied to you regarding the contents of your report(s), that you contact me directly with your concerns.  We are of the opinion that this is your area of expertise and only you can write your report, no one else.  Any attempts to control your reports by any investigative agency (or partner company) will be viewed as interference in the investigation and will be looked into for further actions by the appropriate parties.

            I expect to see you sometime in the spring with seawater wires for testing.

 Tom Juby, RCMP, Swissair Task Force, Halifax, N.S.


(Clarification:)  The first lines of the notes refers to Gorman's concern over the tracking of the exhibits.  I ended up doing the task myself during a day off.  Considering the way my notes were made, it really wasn't such a difficult task.




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