- 2000 FEB 21 -


00-02-21          ..

            LATHEM, CHRISTIANSEN, LONDON, COOPER & STOTHART are in New York to meet with the FBI, ATF, etc.


            Had a chance to speak with GARSTANG about the magnesium and fire damage late this afternoon.  He advised that FOOT is still going on about the magnesium and is now saying that if it is found on the exhibits on the plane, then that accounts for it being in the beads.  He also feels that there is no indication at all of a device on board.  However, I believe that he does not realise what an incendiary device can be.  He expects to see fireworks and high heat, as in a thermite device.  But a candle is a device when used by the right person.  GARSTANG also advised that the FAA personnel have viewed the damaged material on the frame, and they apparently think that Metallized Mylar alone will not cause that amount of damage.  They feel that something else had to be burning.  Now, we still have to check out the oxygen line.  But what would have caused that to melt.  But GARSTANG warned that FOOT still had not finished with the matter and was still pushing to cancel the seawater tests.  But that is not going to happen if I can help it.  I mentioned that I was concerned about what FOOT might try to pull with BROWN, and he agreed that I should be concerned.




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