- 2000 FEB 22 -


00-02-22          0700    Routine morning.

            Spoke with GARSTANG about his contact at the Bedford Institute of Oceans Ė FADER.  In the discussion, it was learned from Doug McEWEN that TSB had taken surface and water samples at the crash site for the environmental study required before the vacuum of the site.  These samples were sent off to Philip Analytical Services in the US for analysis.  The tests included the search for heavy metals.  He didnít know if magnesium was listed in the results.  Checked with Lee GARSTANG and she has the reports.  She contacted Larry VANCE and the reports fall into their policy of controlled release.  We will have to submit a memo asking for them.  So, she gave me list of the reports and will put together a memo ASAP for LATHEM to sign.  (That was prepared this evening.)


            Larry FOGG dropped by to confirm that the AES IV would be on 00-03-01/03.  He will be present.  Donít know about FOOT or SIDLA, but Jim has the wires.


            Had a phone call from Wendy NORMAN of Ottawa CDL Chemistry.  They are having a problem with our request to examine the four exhibits.  They are not sure that they can give what has been asked.  By looking for only five elements and then requesting a quantitative analysis, we would only get a percentage of one against the other four.  This would not be a true comparison because there may be a vast amount of some other set of elements, such as carbon or silicon.  As well, the surface should and is highly contaminated, so whatever is there could have come from anywhere, not necessarily the ocean.  It could have run off other exhibits during and after the wash.  She asked for a conference call.  Arranged with Vic GORMAN to have one on Tuesday morning at 1000 hrs.  It will include Andy LATHEM.  Wendy Norman and two others from Ottawa CDL Chemistry will be in on it. 

(Clarification:)   Foot had requested that swabs be taken of various exhibit surfaces to determine the presence of magnesium.  Lathem and Gorman had agreed, even though Garstang and I had warned against it by providing a similar explanation.  However, instead of another fight over exhibits, I sent them off knowing that this would be the Crime Labís final answer.  It was just another ploy by Foot, supported by Gerden and Lathem, to circumvent the magnesium issue.



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