- 2000 JUl 06-


00-07-06          0700    Routine morning.  ..

            Had a short conversation with Larry FOGG.  He has sent correspondence to Jim FOOT explaining the wire insulation and conduit situation within the fire area of the aircraft.  Some of the IFEN wires in the waterfalls area have insulation that is FEP.  But the clear conduit is also FEP.  So to locate FEP on any of those wires does not indicate their placement within the conduit.  I mentioned this problem earlier (see notes 00-06-15).  However, Jim FOOT is presently having Wendy NORMAN conduct tests on the items for this very purpose.  I have a problem with this, as it is a total waste of time.  I spoke with John GARSTANG and he tends to agree, however there are other things that they want to learn from the wires.  But he wants the material sent to the DND lab for that work.  John is to send me a copy of the FOGG/FOOT email.

(Clarification:)    In any court of law, this similarity of materials would rule out any part of Jim Foot's theories about wire placement within the aircraft for the IFEN wires.  But this did not deter Foot, and he continued to use his placement theory to eventually poiint to a specific wire short as the initiator of the fire.  The TSB continued with this endeavour because they knew they would never have to be accountable for the results with any court of law - they never give evidence in civil or criminal proceedings.




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