- 2000 JUl 17-


00-07-17          0700    Routine morning (morning meeting).  …..

            While working on OM’s, Vic GORMAN arrived in room #111 and wanted to speak with me.  He started talking about Friday, and the fact that he senses that I have a lot of anger inside me, citing the matter of the video equipment being moved from the back room two weeks ago.  He said that he feels that I am upset over the handling of the file.  He said that on Friday, if he had come in during the morning and ‘told me then that he was taking the equipment’, that I would have become upset then instead of later during the day.  I didn’t see the point of the statement except for the fact that he used the term “told me then that he was taking the equipment”.  I pointed this out, saying that there had been no discussion whatsoever over the matter and that I was simply told it was going to happen.  I told him that this was what my problem was, that there had been no communications, particularly in light of the amount of work that I have yet to do with the video.  He again refused to listen, stating that the equipment was going back.  I rebutted by saying again that there was no discussion over it.  This ‘discussion’ lasted only a minute or two before he said that he was giving me a 1004 for Friday.  I just got up and went back to doing the OM photography, telling him strongly to get out of my studio and not come back, and that he had certainly overextended his stay in the hangar.

            This 1004 is a very serious landmark.  As a form of disciplinary action, it could be construed as a divide between management and myself regarding this file.  GORMAN wrote that he was directed by Insp. LATHEM to audit the section and ensure that all equipment was returned.  Surely though, the intent was not to return it until I had finished with it.  He also stated that I am of “the position that the Swissair investigation is a criminal investigation”.  This is not so at all.  That point has certainly been belaboured for months now.  Whatever we may be doing here, officially it is far from an official criminal investigation.  But Supt. DUNCAN did make it clear to me that I was here as a policeman, not as a ‘gofer’.  As a policeman, I want some answers to certain questions, and I won’t be satisfied until I get them.  If one wants to call it an investigation because of this, and my attitude presents a problem, then he or she should be better informed on how I work.

            I am also here to maintain an agreement with the TSB to complete a task of technical assistance with photography and trace evidence gathering.  He has expressed a problem with that agreement from the outset, and it has been reflected time and again.  He has now handicapped me in completing my task and also has undertaken what appears to be an attempt to discredit me in the eyes of management and others.  He has expressed concerns over my ‘stress level’ previously but has done nothing at all to alleviate the workload by supplying any assistance.  Instead, he has now increased it by removing some of the equipment needed to complete the tasks.  GORMAN overextended his stay from the end of June until now yet has offered no operational assistance.  He main role seems to have been as an administrator first throughout this file, and he has filled in periodically to take burn photos when available and not doing some other duty.  He confers with others to learn what has transpired regarding the file, yet some of those persons he has been in contact with have not necessarily been in touch with the facts of the case, nor do they necessarily understand them.

            Later, in speaking with John GARSTANG, I learned that a report has arrived from CANMET regarding his oxidation level tests in the aluminium drops on the battery fins.  This apparently mentions the AES examination of the drops, particularly the magnesium levels.  This is important to us, as are the reasons for the failure of the test, and that it did indeed fail.  Will have to submit yet another memo requesting a copy of the report.






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