- 2000 JUN 06 -


00-06-06          0700    Morning routine.  Headed out this am for the four day Ident workshop in Fredericton.

          On arriving at Fredericton, there was a message to call Jim FOOT at 613-xxx-xxxx (cell phone).  Did so and he advised that the AES was on for 0800 hrs, Monday the 12th at CANMET for four days.  He wanted to ensure that I brought the wires with me.  Packed them up this morning.  There apparently is e-mail for me regarding this, but unable to open it at this time.  Also, there will be a presentation made of FIBICís by LUIGI and PHANEUF, likely on Friday.  Jim made the comment that we would be able to view the process and decide if it would be a feasible method.  I didnít comment, but it seems that we are back to square one as I suspected, and it seems that the FIB process may not be undertaken.  There seems to be a lack of focus here as to what we are trying to accomplish.  Are we not trying to determine the cause of the fire and look at the various scenarios surrounding it, or are we worried more about the costs of things, in light of the millions that have already been spent.

            I was going to pull out the metal coupons that were cut for the Seattle Wire Test, however they are contaminated aircraft parts.  Will talk to BROWN and FOOT on Monday and try to get hold of some of the aluminium coupons that were scheduled for use in the aluminium oxidation test at CANMET.  They are not contaminated and should be suitable for AES testing.

(Clarification:)        During the Fredericton Ident Workshop, I learned that the Canadian Police College had surplus studio lights available, and if not wanted, they would go to Crown Assets for disposal.  Gorman was at the workshop with me and I asked him about procuring the lights.  He agreed but had no intention of expiditing the matter, perhaps pefering to wait until some time after he returned to Halifax.  I looked on it as a golden opportunity that needed to be acted upon as it would save both time as well as money in battery expenditures.  So, as will be seen, I acted, only to be reprimanded later by Gorman and Lathem.  Big wheels turn slowly, and if they turn slowly, they think they are big wheels.  Little wheels turn faster and get the job done.



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