- 2000 JUN 12 -


00-06-12          0730    Leave for CANMET.  Met Jim FOOT there, having had breakfast with Larry FOGG.  Only the three of us showed up for the tests.  Met with Jim BROWN and Larry GALBRAITH.  After going over the seawater test procedure and techniques, wire Exh #1-13072 was chosen as the first test wire. 

            It is interesting to note that in speaking with Larry FOGG, I learned that Vic GERDEN had approached him about the AES and the FIB testing just before the decision was reversed on 00-06-02.  FOGG said he had expressed his opinion that since BROWN was contracted to provide results via the AES, then he should do so.  He would like to see the FIB utilized, but only as a secondary method, to be performed later once protocols have been developed for the examination.  He does not want to rush into it.  This is largely driven by the fact that he is taking holidays in July and does not want one to interfere with the other.  He feels that an AES report should be provided, and then go on from there.  He of course feels that he influenced GERDEN, which he may well have done.

             The comments of GALBRAITH were especially informative in that he expressed his astonishment that any thought had been given to the cancellation of these tests.

            It is also interesting to note that during a conversation with Dr. BROWN about the Aluminium Drop Test, he was of the opinion that the high concentrations of magnesium found in the AES testing of the aluminium drops was from a leaching type process from the aluminium itself.  He was not aware that the drops had landed on a contaminated piece of fin material from the crash aircraft that had been recovered from the seawater.  When I mentioned this to him, he was surprised, and Jim FOOT quickly moved the conversation to something else. 



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