- 2000 JUN 13 -


00-06-13          0730    Leave for CANMET, continued AES testing of the Seawater Test Wires.  Jim FOOT and Larry FOGG were present again today. 

            In a conversation with Jim FOOT, learned that their suspicions regarding the closure of the file indicate that it is JOHNSON who is retiring, and BOUCHARD wants him to present the report.  However, JOHNSON is scheduled to retire this fall, and wants it finished so that his retirement is not interrupted.

            In a further conversation, Jim FOOT confirmed that there is a disagreement in the work being done by him versus that by John GARSTANG.  He feels that since 99 JAN, only he has been trying to determine the actual cause of the fire.  He feels that John has been continuing to describe the environment of the fire rather than the actual cause.  Of course, John would have something different to say, probably stating that he is giving a more overall view of the fire without homing in on only one area and trying to convince people of that being the cause.  We have had these discussions previously.  It is quite apparent that FOOT is convinced that an arced wire was the cause of this fire, and he rules out any other ideas unless they conform to this theory.  Itís too bad, but he carries a lot of weight with his management for someone who is so biased towards one particular cause of the fire. 

            But Jim FOOT feels that the completion deadline will not be met.




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