- 2000 JUN 26-


00-06-26          0700   Morning routine, with a Monday morning meeting.  John GARSTANG advised that a burn test is coming up in Atlanta sometime soon, and arrangements are now being made.  More insulation blankets are being sent over from Zurich, those that were seized by the Swiss AIB.  John is to keep us informed.  Will submit a memo requesting a decision on attendance.

            . . . .

            After lunch, did up the following memo to Insp. LATHEM requesting some direction regarding the possible upcoming tests.  Of course, it went through Vic GORMAN.

(Clarification):  Note that Gorman agreed to support the testing in Ottawa, but not the testing at the FAA Burn Center.  Eventually, I did not attend the testing in Ottawa, but did attend the three tests in Atlantic City.  The FIB/TEM testing was an automated process carried out overnight, and then it was examined under an electron microscope the next day.  This would have been a process for Dr. Brown as he alone had the expertise. 

            Gorman and Lathem likely learned of this from Sidla and Foot, so they would have known it would have been a useless trip for me.  However, the FAA trip would have determined the fireload capabilities, and they already knew that Dr. Quintiere had offered his opinion that there was insufficient fireload.  The head of the FAA Burn Center was Dr. Lyon.  The two worked closely together and they were the two most knowledgeable experts in aircraft fires in North America.  Lathem and Gorman did not want me near Dr. Lyon.

            The second report mentioned by Lathem was submitted on the 28th and is in 'Notes for 00 JUN 28'











(CLARIFICATION):  Gorman's handwriting is as follows:

I fully support this travel for Sgt. T. Juby to attend at the FIB/TEM testing in Ottawa.  Valuable information could be gained from this examination with regards to the elements present in the beads.

I question whether there is a requirement to attend at the FAA Test Center.  There will be experts available to determine the fire load and to give opinions.  This information should be obtained from the TSB or the FAA as in the past. 

Vic Gorman   S/Sgt.


Strange is it not that I would be able to attend Ottawa for testing with Dr. Brown, who was the top expert in his field.  Yet I would not be allowed to attend at the FAA Burn Center even though for much of the testing I would be the only person onsite knowledgeable of what the layout of the MD-11 overhead actually was like.  What's more, when the FAA people learned that I was the photographer and videographer, they were much relieved as they did not want the responsibility of having to do it themselves.

Then we have Lathem's non-decision regarding my attendance.  No support from my supervisors because I was not supposed to carry out a criminal investigation.



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