- 2000 JUN 28-


00-06-28          0700    Morning routine.  …..

            Spoke with John GARSTANG about the Seattle report from Allan STINNETTE.  It has arrived, but he has not seen it.  Jim FOOT has it, but he feels he has not logged it in.  John said that Larry FOGG advised him that none of the items tested showed magnesium present in the test results.  Again, we are running out of sources.


            Memo submitted requesting a copy of the report for the Seattle test wire preparation and burn sample tests, copy attached:    (See Below)

            Forwarded it to Vic GORMAN and he agreed with it, passing it on to Insp. LATHEM.

            Had a discussion with GORMAN over attending tests.  He felt that the FIB/TEM was important but had reservations about the Insulation Burn at the FAA.  I told him that I thought they were each as important as the other, and that there was a great deal riding on both.  I also refered back to my notes of 99-10-05 when there were discussions over attending Zurich to collect the insulation blankets in the first place. 

            “Spoke with Vic GORMAN and it seems that this doesn’t fit with the seriousness of the test.  The burn test for this material is to determine if there is sufficient material overhead in that area to support a fire of such intensity.  There is no room here for any mistakes.  Either it represents what is truly there, or else the test is invalid.  It will be a strong argument that can negate the results costing much more in the long run if it has to be redone.”

            Now he is hesitating about supporting the trip to observe and videotape the test.  My problem with the FAA test is that we have had considerable problems in the past with the technical quality of the video from the test.  In addition, the positioning of the material must be accurately recorded.  It seems that especially right now there are problems with finances.  LATHEM and GERDEN were meeting this afternoon with FSS.  We have put enough in the budget to cover these trips, but TSB is balking over these & other expenses and want to cut everything to bare bones.  Once again, too bad that finance has to get in the way of conducting an investigation, especially as important as this one is. 

            We discussed what might happen if Dr. BROWN provides a criminal scenario in his report as one alternative.  Vic GORMAN felt that if that happens, the Force would definitely be obliged to investigate it.  Until then, nothing is on paper.  He also felt that the TSB would be obliged to immediately notify us should such a scenario be given in writing.

(Clarification):    Reading this in conjunction with the notes from the 26th shows that there was a considerable amount of friction brewing between Gorman and me.  He was 'Supporting his Officer' while I was conducting a homicide investigation, something that Supt. Duncan had instructed when he told me to continue being a policeman and not just a gofer for the TSB.






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