- 2000 JUN 29-


00-06-29          0700    Morning routine. 


            Just before noon, had a meeting of all the members at the hangar.  Insp. LATHEM, Vic GORMAN, Peter PURCHASE, Keith STOTHART, & Brian LONDON, Andy KERR, & Dwaine COOPER were present as well as Heather MARTIN.  Tomorrow, being the 30th, it is the last day that they will be working on the file (except for Heather as the CR-3 position, COOP, Andy KERR, & myself).  Insp. LATHEM advised that the meeting with GERDEN & FSS went well yesterday, and that there definitely is travel money ($10,000) for me to attend tests, and that we are not here to be the ‘workers’ of the TSB.  We are still here as investigators, albeit fulfilling a roll to assist the TSB.  We discussed briefly various points outstanding on the file.  I went over the latest AES-V report, and subsequent information regarding the Seattle smoke analysis and the XPS of the wire insulation.  There was some discussion as to whether or not the information is actually in writing, something that really doesn’t matter as far as I am concerned.  I stated that as we continue to work down the list of potential magnesium sources, we are getting closer to the end of that list without any sign of the actual source, and that is something that we must definitely be aware of.  The idea of BROWN providing a criminal scenario in his report was discussed, but everything is speculation at this time.  However, if he has no source for the magnesium, is it really up to Dr. BROWN to provide us with the possible scenario of an incendiary device?  I also mentioned the Atlanta Burn test, but nothing was discussed on that. 

            Generally, it was a very frustrating day as there is so much yet to do, yet everyone is leaving as if it is all over.  While we do not yet have a source, we do have a potential for it to be a criminal source.



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