- 2000 JUN 30-


00-06-30          0700    Morning routine.

             This is the last day for the back office.  Received a copy of the memo form Insp. LATHEM advising that Heather MARTIN is responsible for admin, Andy KERR has exhibit control and operations, Duane COOPER is the file Coordinator and information manager.  I have the Ident duties - and that is enough to keep me busy.

            Received back a copy of both of my memos that were forwarded to Insp. LATHEM this past week.  One was requesting the Seattle Wire Arc Samples Test report.  That one should go forward.  The other is clarification over travel to the two test sites.  I had really expected LATHEM to make a decision on this, not leave it up to GERDEN to say ‘no’ again.  GORMAN added his comments, agreeing to the FIB/TEM, but disagreeing with the FAA burn tests.  He says that there will be experts available to determine the fire load and give opinions.  This information should be obtained from TSB or the FAA as in the past.

            The problem is that we cannot get the information from the TSB.  They have failed consistently to provide any of that information.  Next, the FAA would very much like to conduct the tests alone and provide their results without anyone else being there.  After all, this test could prove to be somewhat embarrassing to them.  They certified the Mylar as being airworthy and not a hazard.  Now, burn tests are being conducted to provide data to show its ability to burn and that it was a problem in this fire.  There would seem to be a conflict of interest here, and it must be closely monitored.  In addition, in the past, I have seen videotapes where one of the FAA personnel squats down in front of the camera and blocks the view of the burn.  This of course in not intentional, but we surely don’t want it to happen again.  The placement of the blankets is important, and I was the one who marked and recorded their original placement.  Their replacement positions must also be recorded accurately, all of which is necessary for upcoming court proceedings, as this will be a very important aspect of any litigation.

            I guess I should have submitted a stronger memo on the matter in the first instance.

(Clarification:)    One has to realize that I was used to working a file only as a criminal investigation, and that I felt there were sufficient grounds in this matter to warrant such an investigation.  I was also sure that eventually the RCMP's management would see the facts as they were and agree, and thus they would undertake a proper criminal investigation to include passenger profiling and cargo verification, etc.  Because the evidence was physical and Lathem knew nothing about physical evidence, I was hoping that Duncan would step up and do his job.  Unfortunately, that never happened, as will be shown soon enough. 



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