- 2000 MAR 08 -


00-03-08          0700    Morning routine.

            Had a conversation with John GARSTANG about the aluminium melt test at CANMET.  It is expected that FOGG will return from California with the two types of aluminium for the test, and then the date can be set with CANMET.  TSB would like to get it in on this year’s budget.  John suggested 00-03-24 as a possible date.  …..

            Spoke to him about the fire debris.  He is working to get everything put together on computer so that he has a model to show the FAA fire people when they come up.  They can then look at the frame and his model as well as the photos to get an idea of what was present on the aircraft.  He is hoping that they will have questions that they cannot answer so that he can call in QUINTIERE from the US.  He is supposed to be ‘the’ expert in fires.  But he is not expecting this to be done until July.  It will take time for MATHIEU to plot the pieces, then for Boeing drafting people to draw them up on computer, then time for John & Louie to put them into the computer mock-up.  This area is key, because if they determine that there is insufficient material to cause the damage that was done, it means that there likely was an accelerant present.  The FAA people all along have questioned the amount of fire damage.

            Also spoke to him about the wire runs, and if anyone knows exactly where the wires recorded on the FDR actually went.  He said that Boeing is working on it, but because none of the data is on computer, they have to manually go through each drawing and data list to plot the location.  It is very time consuming.

(Clarification:)    Dr. Quintiere never will attend to view the reconstruction and the damaged exibits.  However, he will view photos of the materials and he will offer an opinion via email to a TSB member who in turn at a later date will forward the email to me.



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