- 2000 MAY 02 -


00-05-02          0700    Morning routine.  …..

            Vic GORMAN was in to advise that the Crim Ops officers (Supt Steve DUNCAN – transferred & promoted, and his replacement, Insp. ATKINS) would be over tomorrow afternoon at 1330 hrs for a meeting about the planning/direction of this investigation. 

            Karl CHRISTIANSEN and Andy LATHEM had a meeting today over various points, including what Karl puts into his notes.  Karl is being criticized for including too much, including conversations he has with members and their opinions over various things.  It would seem that if they cannot defend their opinions, they should not make them.  There are too many opinions floating around made by people who don’t have knowledge of what they are working with.  Example: to discuss the fire load above the ceiling during the New York meeting equipped with only a single set of photos and only one short look at one aircraft, and then to take the opinion of those people who have never set foot in an MD-11, let alone seen or understood what is above the ceiling.  The same goes for second and third hand knowledge of the AES testing.

            Larry VANCE arrived just after lunch to advise that Gordon GREEN had arranged to film the FDCM tomorrow afternoon at 1500 hrs.  I requested that he postpone the session due to the meeting.  We had a short discussion over it, and our participation.  He stated that he could not believe that we would drop the investigation at this point because of the change in the financial routing.  Neither can I!

(Clarification:)    What Lathem tried to do with Karl and his notes is similar fact evidence of what in a few months he will do with me.  In Karl's case, the demand to alter the notes was withdrawn.  In my case, I will be successful in obtaining the demand as evidence of criminal obstruction.



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