- 2000 MAY 04 -


00-05-04          0700    Morning routine.  …..

            In a conversation with John GARSTANG, he commented that he has had concerns over the ducts.  In several TSB meetings, he requested that they wait for Larry FOGG before placing the ducts on the table.  However, Doug McEWEN assured him that he would be able to do it accurately.  Once it was done, he again assured him that it was done correctly.  Then McEWEN wanted them photographed and quickly written up.  The reason for the rush was the time line, as everything had to be done by September.  He had a time line pinned to his wall, and he was upset over the time that I had taken in doing the FDCM table.  Then FOGG came back from holidays and found the problems in the ducts and wire placement.  John stated that he wanted to say ‘I told you so’, but knew better.  I told him of my comments to Larry VANCE.  He came up to me when I was taking the last film roll of the table, after Doug had moved the ducts the eight inches, and before I learned of other problems.  He asked me if I was going to be forever photographing the table.  I made a very quick comment to him “I would be finished if you TSB (types) would get the ducts in the right places”.  He asked me what I meant, and I explained the problem.  He appeared not to know of the problem, but he soon learned, and no one has since given me a problem.  I told John that there really isn’t a need for him to say I told you so, as they already know, right to the top of the ladder - in the hangar anyways.

(Clarification:)    McEwen had a computer program that produced a task timeline for everyone.  Some of the TSB members commented or complained to me frequently about it.  I was told that even I was included in his list of tasks, but he never dared come near me with his timeline sheets.



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