- 2000 MAY 12 -


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            Later, I had a meeting with two members from Ottawa.  One is an Insp. Rick XXXX who reports to the Privy Counsel, and deals with “Best Practises”.  The other, Bruce CAMPBELL, replaced Terry GORRAL in Air India, and has other duties.  I had a long chat with them discussing the AES project, Reality Studio program, and photography in general, the MOU between us and the TSB, and several other topics.  They wanted to know what was happening about further Force wide training for the Reality Studio, and they were not surprised to learn that I was not directly involved.  The term ‘typical of the Force’ was mentioned.  They were really interested in the AES area, and expressed a concern over the things that I raised.  On finishing, we went to lunch together.  The Insp. knows Russ very well, so he must know Insp. LATHEM from ‘M’ Div as well.

            This afternoon, out to Hackett’s cove with John GARSTANG to retrieve the pallets.  Gave Les ISNOR the contract to sign, and Ron LEATHERDALE witnessed it for him.  We then went out to retrieve the pallets.  John brought along his GPS, and they were found to be in the exact same spots.  They were pulled up, the weights dumped, and then brought in.  Once all three were in, they were photographed on roll #109 and videotaped.  On returning to the wharf just before high tide, Ken MacDONALD had arrived with the one ton enclosed truck, and the pallets were placed in it for return to Shearwater.  The rudder pedal was still present, but considerably reduced in size.  All of the wires appeared to be intact and in the same condition as they were on sinking.  There was nothing to indicate tampering in any way.

            Back at the hangar, the pallets were off-loaded and placed in the alcove.  They will be washed tomorrow and left on the pallets.  On Monday, they will be re-photographed and then packaged. 

(CLARIFICATION)      I never again heard from this Inspector from Ottawa.  However, he had acted very friendly and carried on a conversation generally designed to obtain disclosure about my feelings towards the file and how it was being handled.  Obviously, he came away with the understanding that I believed the matter to be a criminal investigation.  What is important about the meeting is that from then on there appeared to have been an attitude that I was management's enemy and had to be dealt with.



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