- 2000 NOV 03 -


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00-11-03          0700    Morning routine.  Checked the email, and the following was received from Dr. BROWN at CANMET in response to yesterdays inquiry:


Just read your note about Mg.  Will respond in greater detail tomorrow or Monday but answer is Mg is typically enriched near/at surface of rolled Al metal produced by Alcan for beverage cans, fences etc and auto parts (surface about 5-8 at % versus bulk levels <2 at%).  I did look at a piece of Al skin (part of the phase IV -seawater study) that had been primer/inhibitor painted (2 layers - inner green, outer cream color).  The drop melt test results did surprise me given the surface level of Mg measured. It didn't come from seawater however.  Will check all my data before commenting further.  Mg is a issue for sure and that's why I wanted to perform the seawater study and also determine possible sources from the aircraft itself.



             So, it would seem that the surface of an aluminium alloy has as much as four times the amount of magnesium by Atomic weight.  However, this does not account for a 45% reading without any aluminium.  Will have to see what else he has to offer, especially since he states that magnesium is certainly an issue.  I think his delay is an honest effort to put together something of value, and not just a postponement until he can contact Jim FOOT for advice on whether or not to answer me.  He is not that type of a guy.  I think he realizes that everything he says is being recorded, and he wants to be accurate.  After all, I picked this out of a comment he made in a meeting, and I for sure will hang onto any emails I get from him.  I already told him to record all of his correspondence between the TSB and himself, and I expect the same for me.


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