- 2000 NOV 16 -


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00-11-16          0700    Morning routine.  ..

            Larry FOGG arrived back from holidays and I showed him a copy of the emails from Dr. BROWN, as I had to ask him about aluminium coupons.  As a result of the conversation, the following email was sent off to Dr. BROWN.


             Regarding aluminium coupons for AES testing, the following is forwarded. 

            I have had a chance to speak with John GARSTANG and Larry FOGG and they feel that it will be next to impossible to get any more bare aluminium coupons, as the line in Long Beach has completely shut down and they have dismantled the shops.  However, Larry FOGG advised that he previously supplied coupons for the aluminium drop test held at your point, much more material than asked for.  So, were all of the samples used up for the drop test, or are there suitable remaining samples of the various aluminium types?

            Regarding painted aluminium samples from another aircraft other than HB-IWF, I have asked Larry FOGG for suitable samples, and he will contact his supervisor in Seattle to inquire about a source. 

            As for the Metallized Mylar and Tedlar, I will arrange this week to get some samples from another aircraft up to you.  We have numerous blankets in storage from an aircraft that went though a D check a year ago.  I will remove several suitable samples of the Mylar & Tedlar sheet and tape and send them to you ASAP.

            Please let me know about the aluminium at your point.  If there is sufficient material for your purposes and some extra left over, can you please send me two samples of each alloy type about 1 cm square for another test that we will be undertaking shortly?

            Best of luck finding them at your point.

Tom JUBY     RCMP Halifax.

            Later, after speaking with John GARSTANG, it seems that Gus SIDLA might have all of these extra samples.  He will be talking with him this afternoon, so he will mention it.  I also mentioned the Mylar samples, and he said that he had given Jim FOOT a number of samples for Dr. BROWN.  However, it seems that they never reached him.  John suggested checking lot numbers to ensure the samples sent match the aircraft numbers.



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