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00-11-26          Weekend routine.  Ö..

            On finishing, John and I walked part way across the hangar, but he seemed to be stumbling verbally over something, being hesitant yet wanting to say something, totally out of character for him.  Then, he finally said that GERDEN had spoken with him about the insulation and end cap fire test report.  GERDEN was apparently very concerned over disclosure, and what he thinks is a comment of Johnís regarding criminality.  I assured him again that I felt the comment of his was in regard to my question, not in regard to the subject matter.  John then said that GERDEN expressed a concern that I might hear or see something else and report on it, and he didnít yet know if I would be kept on after 00 DEC 15.  GERDEN wanted some assurance that I would not report on anything that I might see or hear.  I told John that I could not do that, that I was being placed in an impossible position.  I told him that I as a policeman have a responsibility, and I reported on what I saw and heard.  I also told him that there are two more areas that I will be reporting on, that is the matter of the high magnesium (whether or not the source is determined), and the hot spot on the door sliding tile.  I then told him that I would make him one assurance only, and that is should I see or hear anything that is of concern to me, that I will go to him (John) with the concern for an explanation before reporting on it.  He thought about this for a moment, and then said that he thought that GERDEN would be coming to see me, likely this afternoon.  After some more discussion, mainly repeating what had already been discussed, we parted.

(Clarification:)  This was encroaching the area of Criminal Obstruction of a Police Officer under the Criminal Code of Canada.


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