- 2000 NOV 30 -


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00-11-30          0700    Morning routine.  John GARSTANG has another meeting going on today, this time to interpret the Air Flow results. 


            John GARSTANG came to see me in the afternoon to ask if I had sent any wires to Dr. BROWN.  I told him that I had only sent the aluminium and Mylar exemplar samples that he was aware of.  On asking why, he said that Vic GERDEN wanted to know, but he did not know why.  I asked if there was a problem, and that we had agreed back in February to chase down the problem of the magnesium.  He said that he didn’t think there was a problem, and also mentioned that he thought the AES report was out.  He also mentioned that GERDEN wants a meeting with Insp. LATHEM, possibly including me.  He said it might have something to do with post-December work, and it might also have something to do with the AES report.

            During the conversation, I cautioned John about being involved in asking me to overlook anything that I might see or hear in the hangar.  I suggested to him that it might be considered a borderline criminal offence, depending on what it involved and how it was asked, and the circumstances of what was being overlooked.  I certainly was not to be threatening, but merely pointed out that he should not be the middleman for any such requests.  But I assured him that my previous agreement to discuss with him anything that might be of significance still stands.

            What is also interesting is an article on our ROSS, a media summary of top stories in the country involving the RCMP.  This story is entitled ‘Air Canada staff arrested in drug’ in Toronto from a Toronto newspaper.  It contains the line ‘police started discovering drugs in unusual places on planes, like toilets and ceiling panels.’  So, if drugs are stored above the ceiling panels, what else could be secreted up there? 

            Add to this the Northwest Airlines arson, and what have you but a series of circumstances that, put together, could be an incendiary device above the ceiling panels that causes enough damage to bring down an airplane.



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