- 2000 OCT 02 -


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00-10-02          0700    Routine morning, with meeting.  …..

            John GARSTANG advised that last Friday’s meeting between GERDEN and JOHNSON/TUCKER had resulted in JOHNSON having to give it thought over the weekend.  A further meeting was scheduled for today during which JOHNSON would announce the closing date.  He suggested that the press might be very interested in the reasons for the shutdown of the file by Christmas if they decide to do so.  He did say that the TSB management has given Swissair 111 top priority, but that amounts to nothing if they have to shut down before everything is complete. 


            About 1530, Lee FRASER in from Ottawa with Brian YAMISHITA (FIRRS), A/Commr. GOULET (head of Forensics Services), and Tonita MURRAY (Director of the CPC).  Neil FRASER was with them.  They received Insp. LATHEM’s presentation, then met with John GARSTANG to view the Reality Studio program as well as his body modelling and CAD programs.


            While Insp. LATHEM was over for the tour, had a chance to ask him if he had read the Elizabeth SCARRY article.  He said that he had skimmed through it, that it was the same as the previous article that claims a ‘black’ weapon had changed the isotopes of aluminium in the aircraft.  I corrected him on this, explaining that she is simply talking about electronic waves that affect the electrical systems by causing power surges.  I explained to him that it would be similar to the microwave and telephone towers that no one wants erected in their communities, and that if one of DND’s destroyers were to start up one of their large radars in the harbour, it would wipe out every computer in the city.  I explained about the P3 Orion aircraft, and that I had been told that the radar on our Aurora aircraft (same as the P3 Orion) could pick a beer can out of the water at 20 miles.  It is this electronic power that she claims can short out the breakers and cause electrical havoc in the wiring systems.  He asked how we could determine if that had occurred.  I explained that she had requested that the information be gathered as to the locations of all electronics during the time, and their activities.  A test aircraft could then be flown along the route to determine the level of electronic activity in the area, and if it would be lethal to civilian systems.  That would be the start.  LATHEM advised that he would be meeting with Vic GERDEN when he (Vic) next returns to the hangar and he asked when that would be.  I advised him that the TSB are planning systems meetings the week of the 9/13th OCT.  LATHEM then said that he had asked the TSB to examine a piece of skin material for the purposes of the black weapon investigation.  I suggested that the TSB had not done it, and that they had no intention of doing it.  That would be part of a criminal investigation, and they have no intention of crossing that line at all.  I suggested that Vic GERDEN does not think of anything here as a criminal act, and that he likely doesn’t even have bad thoughts about anything.  He said that he would discuss it further with GERDEN when he meets with him.  I really don’t see much enthusiasm for this unless another accident occurs with identical circumstances as Swissair 111.  Then it would be a case of key people covering their collective backsides.

(Clarification:)  Lathem had no idea what any of this was.  The 'black weapon' theory was completely different to the 'Scarry' article, but he didn't know or care.  He had no concerm that it would have been a criminal act had it occurred, and he merely brushed the matter off.  Gerden would soon arrange for testing, but that will fail, and there will be nothing further done.


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