- 2000 OCT 23 -


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00-10-23          0700    Routine morning.  …..

            Andy KERR is having problems with the tracking of exhibit numbers.  Even after this long a period, Doug McEWEN is putting things on the frame without notifying him for E&R updates.  Then, when he does provide the number, he does not supply the co-ordinates but merely says they are going on the frame, or the numbers are in the scanned notes.  This means that not only has he had to look them up in order to place the item in the frame, but also someone in data has to now take the time to again look them up to update E&R.  In addition, Andy feels that there is a lack of precision in the placement of items in the frame.  On the return of Larry FOGG, it will be interesting to see if he is satisfied with the placement of items.  John GARSTANG isn’t back for another week.  This has been a continuous battle throughout the file.  Doug doesn’t have to use the process, so he has not learned to appreciate it the way other TSB members have conformed to it and who now appreciate it.


            On the way home, picked up some lengths of metal and bolts to make low stands for the flash units.  Decided that from now on, I will work until 1800 hrs.  The extra hour allows me to get that much more done.  If I leave at 1700 hrs, I have to sit in traffic for nearly an hour, and it is just wasted time.  I can get home at the same time by working the extra hour.



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