- 2000 OCT 26 -


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00-10-26          0700    Morning routine. 

            Completed the memo to Insp. LATHEM on the insulation and end cap burn tests as follows:



            Gave two copies in duo tang binders to Cst. COOPER as the file administrator, along with one copy of the videotape.  He intends to hand deliver it tomorrow to Heather MARTIN, Insp. LATHEMís secretary, who will be in the hangar and who will then pass it on to Insp. LATHEM.  COOP also received a copy of the file & the two ADís in .PDF format on disk for inclusion in E&R, task #1237.  I retained one hard copy for my purposes, and sent a fourth copy to Karl CHRISTIANSEN for his information.

            This puts the responsibility now on Insp. LATHEM.  I have now forwarded my information to my management for their action.  Should they see fit to pursue it, I expect someone will be liaising with the FBI.  If they do not, then they of course will have to answer for their decisions later if it is brought up in court.  My position here is only as the physical evidence technician and support service, and like any other file that I work on, I am not the main investigator responsible for file activities.  This point has been made quite clear to me over the last two years, particularly in relation to the magnesium situation.

            This still does not mean that my outlook has changed regarding the magnesium.  The levels that we have are still not accounted for, so it remains a question.  Now we have the Ďhot spotí on the ceiling tile door slide with broom-strawing directly above it if the piece is from the 2.1 door.  But no matter what the cause of the fire was, it spread due to flammable insulation covering and duct end caps.  One could even speculate that an incendiary device on the door slide would not have done any further damage if the materials around it had been non-flammable.



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