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01-04-20          Ö..

            This afternoon received a phone call from Insp. LATHEM in reference to my leaving the hangar.  I advised him that I expected to have enough work to last at least another month, as I still have Heat Release Test material to finish collecting and send out, all of the MICROTRACE material yet to locate, package, and send out, and then a list of other things yet to do, including a further note trip to Ottawa if John can arrange it.  He asked for a short message on GroupWise so that he has something when he discusses it with GERDEN next week.  He sounded positive, and of the mind frame that if there is work, then it has to be done.  However, it is difficult to plan things, especially since my position back on the Ident Section remains vacant.  So, sent off the GroupWise outlining some of the things yet to be done.  A copy is saved in Email\Source Ė LATHEM\01-04-20. 

From: Tom Juby       PRIVATE

To:       Andy Lathem        Date:   4/20/01 2:08PM

Subject:           Swissair Extension

            Further to our telephone conversation of this afternoon, 01-04-20, please be advised that the following are some of the tasks yet to be completed.

1    Complete the task of locating exhibits, photographing & documenting them as new exhibits where necessary, and then shipping of them to Ottawa for the heat release test.  Expected to take another two days.

2    Locate, document, & package the exhibits for MICROTRACE, expected to take at least a week.

3    Processing of photos of various exhibits identified from the recent Ottawa Note Trip as being of importance for the MD 11 tour program, and photography of further exhibits as a result of the analysis of those trip photos.  Expected to take another two days.

4    Photography of exhibits such as the right observerís seat and the quick disconnect panel, and other exhibits as object models for the MD 11 tour program.  The rt ob seat was recently identified as inaccurately reconstructed, or additional information required in the photos of the quick disconnect panel.  Expected to take another three days.

5    Notes from three further trips need to be discussed and photos analyzed, which will take another eight-day trip to Ottawa, and likely another two to three days of follow up work once certain areas are identified.

6    Since January, 110 new exhibits have been processed.  That will quickly increase when the Heat Release Test & MICROTRACE exhibits are processed.  A shipment of exhibits are in-route from Zurich right now which will require about two days to process and photograph, including object models.  Several of those are destined for MICROTRACE.

            So, I can see at least four weeks of work yet to be completed, without touching on the small things such as locating exhibits and photos for the CAD people, locating the correct exhibit numbers, details, or photos for the Technical Notes when a problem is identified, and providing exhibits for other ongoing requirements, etc.  Add to this the fact that I have now run into a problem in locating several specific exhibits that were moved to J hangar during the first couple of weeks of December without updating E&R, these exhibits being required for one test or another, or just to authenticate technical notes.

            Hope that this is of assistance to you when speaking with Vic GERDEN. 


            Also sent a copy of it to John GARSTANG so he is aware of it, that message is stored with his email.  John phoned a little later to say he had received the email, and he has not yet had his meeting with Vic GERDEN.  He expects to see him this weekend.  He also had run into problems in getting the MICROTRACE papers to me for the seat cushion exhibits.  He fully expects to have it done this weekend so that they can go out on Monday.  Johnís problem is that he has deadline to meet on the Air India case, while at the same time there is work to be done on this file.  His worry is that if this file waits too long, there may be a movement to reduce the amount of testing to be done by MICROTRACE, even though the money has been allocated.  Unfortunately, he has no one else in Ottawa to whom he can give this work, and I certainly am not in a position to do the work down here.  Because I have been kept on the outside edge of the loop and have not been allowed to attend the various meetings, I donít know all of the exhibits that he wants tested, nor do I know their procedures (although this could be quickly learned).  The solve would be for John to have an assistant to work closely with him to do this type of work.  John also foresees a problem of interpretation when the analyses results come back and relating each result to the overall picture. 




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