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            The second email from John is as follows:

From: "Garstang, John" <>      To: 'Juby Tom' <>

Subject: FW: Sgt. Juby's Services     Date:  Tue, 24 Apr 2001 13:54:55 -0400

Tom, For your information.  John

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> From:           Garstang, John     > Sent: Saturday, April 21, 2001 6:40 PM

> To:    Gerden, Vic; Vance, Larry    > Cc:   Garstang, Lee

> Subject:        Sgt. Juby's Services

> Vic, Larry,

> I am requesting the services of Sgt. Juby in Hangar "A" for at least another month.  Unexpected delays and new developments require this.  Sgt. Juby informed me that he received a phone call from Insp. Lathem yesterday afternoon and he discussed such an extension, which Insp. Lathem was open to.   A short brief highlighting a few extenuating factors follows.

> Boeing estimates for providing the cockpit ceiling liner data have been optimistic.  We planned to have had all of the fire plotting and temperature assessment work completed in Hangar "A" by now, based on Boeing's estimated delivery dates.  As of yet, we have not received the liner data, and when we do, we anticipate that it will take at least two weeks to do our work.  This work is difficult, and it will require numerous visits to the mock-up, disassembly and reassembly of exhibits, the probable creation of some new exhibits, movements, access to CDs, images, etc. 

> Unexpectedly, Swissair is now providing us with a fourth duct for destructive testing.  Because of the rare number of these ducts in existence and the unique opportunity to destroy one, I want to ensure that it goes through the proper exhibit photography and processing system, which includes, in this case, object modeling.  The same is true for the shrouds that are being sent.  We still have numerous other items to process as well, such as the Swissair oxygen line end caps that are to be sent for destructive testing, and several heat release samples.  Numerous new exhibits have been created for new discoveries.  Just the other day, melted and re-solidified metal was found on the 1L door drum, which is being analyzed now.  Follow-up scanning and CD indexing of exhibit photographs, etc., still needs to be done.  CD production typically lags photographic production by two to three weeks. 

> The one-week meeting held in Ottawa to review, organize and write-up MD11 aircraft observations was very productive (over 40 type written pages were produced with significant findings).  Even though attempts were made to get all trip write-ups completed (by working every day, including the weekend with extended hours), not all of the trips could be completed in the time frame available.  Work could not be extended any longer than the week used because of the start of the Air India 182 secondment.  As it was, the meeting extended into one day of the secondment and other days were used to complete follow-up work.

> John      



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