- 2001 AUG 20 -


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01-08-20          0700    Morning routine.


            On the way to lunch, Neil FRASER phoned to advise that there was a problem at the Halifax FIS which had surfaced back in June, and it was important that I get back to the section to take it over.  He is submitting the paperwork, and basically, he wanted to know what I had left to do over here.  He was told about the two FAA trips, and that it would be the end of October before I would be finished.  He wasn’t too happy about it and went on to explain the problem.  It is something that has no relation at all to this file, however my being here has definitely increased the effect.  He then went to the subject of the new software program, Photo Modeller Pro.  He was positive about it. 

            Neil was also told that it has been four years since I have taken any leave.  It is hardly fair to me to throw me right back into the Halifax Section and the problems over there when I have almost a year of leave to take. 

(Clarification:)  This is something that had come about as a result of the last Ident workshop, and it involved training for new techniques.  Neil had been adamant that he would undertake the training of the member.  I told him that it shouldn't be a difficult task if handled correctly, but my concern was that Fraser had an ingrained dislike for the member.  What's more, I felt he did not have the experience both in Ident and of working with others to teach new techniques.  I warned him that he had better be successful, or I would show that it was his fault that he had failed.  He had now failed, and he needed me to pick up the pieces.  Incompetence manifests itself in many ways.     



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