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01-12-18          RTO    The day taken as an RTO rescheduled from 01-12-01.

 01-12-19          RTO    The day taken as an RTO rescheduled from 01-12-02.

 01-12-20          RTO    The day taken as an RTO rescheduled from time incurred traveling on the FAA-3 trip.

 01-12-21          RTO    Heard a radio broadcast today in which the US Secretary of Defense made a statement about the current search for Bin LADEN.  There is some question as to whether or not he is still in Afghanistan or if he has fled.  He made a statement that has application to this file.  The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.  I have been told on numerous occasions that there has never been any incendiary device found in the wreckage.  The statement fits the bill, especially since if anything had been used as such a device, by its very design and purpose, it would have been consumed in the fire.

 01-12-22          RTO    John GARSTANG forwarded an email as follows to my home address regarding the extension.

Subject: FW: RCMP Services: Sgt. Juby    Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 16:50:40 -0500

From: "Garstang, John"           To: "'Juby T.'"       CC: "Ferguson, William"       "Parisee, Ted"


I thought I would send this to you for your information.


> -----Original Message-----

> From: Gerden, Vic        > Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2001 9:08 AM

> To:   Garstang, John      > Cc:   Enns, Don; Sidla, Gus; Landriault, Louis; Vance, Larry; Garstang, Lee

> Subject:      RE: RCMP Services: Sgt. Juby

> I have spoken to Dan Tanner. He understands and is supportive for this tasking. The stipulation that he laid out was that Tom's base of operations was to be his RCMP office. That does not preclude Tom from doing the work for us during that period you have outlined. - some of which would entail going to Shearwater, where we are continuing to lease Tom's office (we will need to advise DND when we no longer need that space so that the rent can be adjusted).  Neil Fraser is Tom's new supervisor and Insp Tanner implied that Tom and Neil have spoken already about this arrangement.

> Let me know if anything goes off the rails...or if more intervention is required.

> Vic

>  -----Original Message-----

> From:         Garstang, John      > Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2001 6:33 PM

> To:   Gerden, Vic        > Cc:   Vance, Larry; Landriault, Louis; Garstang, Lee; Enns, Don; Sidla, Gus

> Subject:      RCMP Services: Sgt. Juby

> Vic,

> As you know, due to a number of factors such as power supply problems, unexpected results obtained for the fire test conducted late on Friday 07 December, etc.; the work at the FAA Technical Center extended over the weekend and into Monday 10 December.  Sgt Juby did not return to Halifax until late the following day (Tuesday).  His first day back at Hangar "A" was the next day (Wednesday 12 December), when he unpacked his equipment and put film in for processing, etc.  He then took Thursday and Friday off for the overtime previously owed him.  Sgt. Juby will be in Hangar "A" on Monday 17 December.  He will then be taking time off for the remainder of the week and for the holiday season and is not expected back until Thursday 03 January.  His completion date in Hangar "A" was Friday 14 December.

> We have a lot of important wrap up work to do with him with regard to the recent FAA Fire Tests (such as sorting and indexing photographs, digital images, and video tapes; reviewing and compiling fire test notes and a trip report for both the past and recent tests; shipments to Sgt. Juby re the three foam ducts and numerous other Exhibits and samples that need Exhibit updates and storage arrangements in either Hangar "A" or "J", etc.).  We obviously need his services beyond 14 December.  Can we obtain an extension due the circumstances?  We have no way of doing a large part of the work without his assistance.

> I will be on leave until 7 January.  I anticipate that there is at least two full weeks of work for him.  This work could start upon his return on 03 January until 17 January.  I need to interact with him and the earliest I can do so is 7 January.  There would be no advantage of him starting work sooner than 03 January since I will lose valuable days that I need to interact with him on.  He has some other jobs he can do from 03 January until I am back.  I anticipate that both Don and Gus will also be absent for most of the same time period, and all of us need to work together (e.g. through conference calls) to get this work done.

> I would appreciate it if you could call Inspector Tanner to discuss this matter while Sgt. Juby is available in the Hangar on Monday 17 December (in case Inspector Tanner needs to consult with him).

> John

            So it might seem that John has been successful once again in getting another extension.  The drawback seems to be TANNER’s insistence that I must have the Halifax office as my base of operations.  It seems rather wasteful to work out of the Halifax office when everything I have to do centres around the hangar, and the return travel time is an hour. 

 01-12-23          RTO    Worked on FAA-3 videotapes and notes for about eight hours.

 01-12-24          Stayed home today, working on more notes and tapes.

 01-12-25          SDO

 01-12-26          SDO    Worked on notes and copying videos most of the day for a total of at least eight hours.

 01-12-27          RTO    Copied videotapes again today.

 01-12-28          RTO    Continued copying videotapes.

 01-12-29          RTO    Continued copying videotapes.

 01-12-30          RTO    Continued copying videotapes.

 01-12-31          RTO    Finished up copying the videotapes – finally.  Had seventeen of them to copy in total.  This includes a copy for Tim MARKER, FAA, as he (mentioned by Don ENNS and discussed) requested.  Will send them off on the 2nd to John so he can forward them himself.

 02-01-01          SDO    Worked on notes and packed up gear for work tomorrow.  I have some trip admin to get in for signing by TANNER, including my 1393 and my OT.

(Clarification:)  RTO stands for regular time off such as weekend or days after a 40 hour week.  SDO is for statutory day off such as Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Years Day.  The first three days of RTO at eight hours per day were for days off missed while on the last FAA trip.  These will become a point of contention for Tanner, and he will dock me forty hours for the twenty-four taken.  As for the other days, it can be seen that considerable time was spent working on the file.  The video tapes required four copies of each, and there were several dozen.

The first three days along with the following two days were spent travelling to and from the Ontario Police College for an interview regarding my application for an Ident Instructor's position.  I failed to get the position, it going to a member from a local municipal Police Department.  However, sitting in on the interview was Gorman's close friend who had been one of the 'readers of the notes'.  In addition, Lee Fraser in Ottawa, as the head of RCMP Forensic Ident Services, was surely consulted about me and he would certainly have given a negative recommendation.




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