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01-02-09          .....

            Later this morning, I received a further email on the matter, this time from Lee GARSTANG in reply to my email of yesterday.

 From: "Garstang, Lee" <>

To: "''" <>

Subject: RE: Burn Test????

Date:  Thu, 8 Feb 2001 14:37:29 -0500

 I talked to John about your email and also read him excerpts from Vic's email that was sent this morning.  He asked me to tell Vic that no one should be contacting Roy about materials until John has had a chance to review Don's list on Monday.  And then it should be a consolidated list that is sent to avoid confusion.  John will call you Monday.  :o)

 Take care of yourself :o) :o)    Lee

            It would certainly seem that that John knew nothing of the proposed collection of materials at this particular time, although he likely knew that the test was slated.  It would seem that Vic GERDEN thought he could speed things up by starting the collection now.  However, some of the materials are rather limited, or have more value for other tests, or some of the tests have been conducted, and material types must match for the burnt area, etc.  To just jump in and start throwing things into the pot is not the right way of doing it, especially when John is the head of the Fire Group, and everyone knows (especially Vic GERDEN because of their 2 hour phone call during the evening of 01-02-06) that Johnís email is not working correctly.  He has refused to use the system because informatics is fighting with him about fixing the problem, and it is known that John is on a train somewhere between here and Ottawa.  But after all, John GARSTANG is the head of the Fire Committee, so as such, one would think that he should be running the show.




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