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01-02-14          0700    Morning routine. 

            So the samples supplied that were questioned during the meeting of 00 DEC 02 were ultimately successful.  This submission had raised quite a fuss during that meeting and the one after in my office with Insp. LATHEM.  Itís sure a good thing that they did work out ok; after all I had to undergo by sending them.

            As for files other than this, I am in a position of having to recommend the AES process and the Anderson theory as part of the investigation.  I would be open to criticism by the court if I did not, especially if it is a serious case.  In a minor case such as a car or normal house fire, it would be up to the insurance company involved as they usually pay the costs of this type of investigative expense.  However, a homicide or serious arson investigation is something different and the costs would have to be seriously considered, depending on the file.

            The last comment reflects what I had put together from the comments of Vic GERDEN on 00-12-05.  While Dr. BROWN did not elaborate, I wonder if he will give in to this pressure to limit his comments.  After all, he told me about it, so he is not trying to hide anything.  I wonder what will happen to the report if he does include his commentary in this fashion, whether it will be passed on to us, and what will then be done about it.  I suspect that the internal pressure is likely from his boss, Tom MALIS.  While Dr. BROWN has his own professional community of peers to which he is answerable, he is still being paid by the TSB.  So if he gives in to the pressure, what will this do for his creditability with his peers and the courts?  However, by pressuring Dr. BROWN and trying to influence what he puts in his report, the TSB now potentially loses creditability. 

           Out of all of this, I can reflect back and say that I did not adversely influence anyone in this matter, but only tried to act as a recorder of the facts and details and try to insure that important and sensitive parts of the investigation could be undertaken in a thorough and complete manner without forgetting any of those facts or details.  If indeed I was successful in this endeavour, but if by doing that I did influence anyone, it was merely my intention to ensure that the correct course of action could and should be completed, without fear or prejudice.  My conscience is clear, while I cannot say the same for others.  It seems ironic that Insp. LATHEM and Peter PURCHASE accused me of intimidation because I sent that initial email to Dr. BROWN on 00-02-14, exactly one year ago today.



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