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01-02-15          0700    Morning routine. 

            Also, I received a GroupWise message from Neil FRASER at RFISS about the meeting next Tuesday.  The meeting is not intended to go into the fine details regarding our Ident work here, but more as an overview, what was done right, what went wrong, and suggestions for future investigations.  It will include my involvement and the work that is left, the MOU with TSB, my notes/reports on work I did, concerns over leave and LTO, but there is no set agenda.  An additional short message was received from Vic GORMAN advising that he wanted to go over my annual assessment after the meeting on Tuesday.  It was due last August, so it is only seven months overdue.  Neilís message and my original message is attached, however I noted that Neil sent a copy of it to Andy LATHEM.

From: Neil Fraser       PRIVATE

To:       Andy Lathem;  Tom Juby

Date:   2/15/01 2:26PM

Subject:           Re: Meeting on 20th

Tom:  My understanding is that it is a complete review of the Ident function at Swissair.  What we did right, what we did wrong, suggestions for future etc etc.  I am not preparing anything and I don't think you are expected to either.  The technical stuff that you talk about such as cameras used and other equipment is not going to be really discussed (or I believe it isn't). 

One thing will be your involvement and "is there work left?", should we look at the TSB agreement for future, your notes / report etc on the work you did with TSB,  the concerns about your leave or lieu time etc. etc. This is at the Regional Office in Bedford.  As far as I know there is no set agenda.


>>> Tom Juby 01-14 9:18:40 AM >>>

Just wondering what the agenda is for Tuesday. 

The reason why I ask is that when this had first been mentioned, I had suggested to Insp. LATHEM that I would be putting together a report to Ident on the technical aspects of the Ident work in this file.  He immediately suggested a face

face meeting with you and Lee.  However, I wonder why he and Peter Purchase will be present.  I thought this would be a technical meeting dealing with cameras, lens, f/stops and the like.  Technical stuff that certainly Peter and Andy know nothing about, unless they want to take a photo course.  Or am I missing something?

As well, if it is going to be technical in nature, then I am not really planning to go into everything, as there is far too much to cover.  I had really intended to go through my notes when this is over and pick out the methods, techniques, the problems and the remedies, etc.  I have done no planning for this, and certainly do not have the time to do so before this is all over.

If I have missed the track on the meeting agenda, then let me know.  It'll be good to see Lee again, and there are things to talk about, but again, I wonder if it'll be boring for non

Ident people, and if there is something I should know about.




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