- 2001 FEB 21 -


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01-02-21          0700    …..

Then back and sent of Dr. BROWN’s email in total to Insp. LATHEM, without any comments, and then a copy to Lee FRASER, again without comment.

            Went over my notes for yesterday.  I contacted Karl CHRISTIANSEN by phone to ask him to supply a copy of the information or material that he had on notes, and especially the alteration of notes.  When I told him what had happened, he was very worried and read off what was in Operational Policy regarding notes.  Under no conditions are notes to be altered, especially with material deleted – under no conditions.  He strongly suggested that I contact the Div. Rep for advice.  I am to receive a copy of the green sheets at the earliest convenient time, since my car is still in the garage and Karl has been ordered by Insp. LATHEM not to attend at the hangar.  He advised also that LATHEM was fully aware of these rules as he is still in the process of fighting his assessment, which included a negative comment (to say the least, so I understand) on Karl’s notes.

            After lunch, received a GroupWise from Andy LATHEM requesting Dr. BROWN’s original message that was sent to me, so it was sent to him.  This GroupWise message wasn’t kept as a copy, as it was just the email in response to the AES of commercial, residential, and autos, and his short paragraph on the end, sent as is in total.


           John GARSTANG called just before leaving, as he has been working on getting my extension here at the hangar.  It seems that GERDEN & LATHEM have been talking, and right now the extension seems to be for two weeks.  John would like four weeks and the extra time after that.  I’m surprised that the extension was agreed to; as the atmosphere on Tuesday was that I would be out of here ASAP and would be finished with it.



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