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01-02-22          0700    Routine morning.  …..

            I had a good sleep last night, not having slept the night after the meeting (Tuesday) because of worry over what had transpired.  I realize that while I did sign the sheet of paper agreeing to change the notes, I did so because I needed to have the physical evidence of the transaction.  I felt at the time that there was something wrong with the request, that I could not change the notes once they were made, especially to remove material.  To make additions to clarify points is one thing, so long as they are correctly dated, etc. and marked as such, after all they are contemporaneous notes.  But to actually remove something is totally wrong, and then to have that new file presented as the notes makes it criminal. 

            Two things that go through my mind is why create an edited file if one has no intention of using it for a later purpose.  In addition, the very editing of the notes totally ruins my credibility, something that would likely be welcomed at this time.  I have heard of vetting notes before, but by someone who does it legally and who knows what they are doing.  They would know what is allowed and what has to be kept aside for security reasons or what-have-you.  But I don’t have that knowledge or background, or the legal right.  To have me change and remove notes only creates a serious credibility problem for me at a later date.  We had discussed the problems with BROWN removing things from his report as being a credibility problem, and they then demand that I do the same thing.  This smells of obstruction. 

            But if I had not signed the piece of paper, I would not have received a copy to be able to prove that the request had been made.  I felt I had no friends in that room, because I felt that it definitely was an ambush.  But now I have the paper, I will be going to the Div. Rep for guidance, and then will be paying a visit to Internal Investigations Section.


            Sent a message off to the Div. Rep, however he is out of town until Monday.  Asked him for an appointment, explaining briefly what the matter was all about.

            A message came in from LATHEM by GroupWise advising that preliminary plans are that I will be out of the hangar on the 01-02-28 with all of my equipment removed.

From: Andy Lathem


To:       Creamer, Vivian;  Evans, Tosha;  Gray, Cathy;  Juby, Tom

Date:   2/22/01 10:13AM

Subject:           Re: Swissair


I have not received the official request for extension of RCMP services so as of the last phone conversation I had with Vic Gerden this is what I agreed to.

1. As of the 28 Feb 01 all RCMP equipment and personnel will be out of the Hangar. Sgt Juby will continue to work, finish notes, tasks etc. from H div ident office. Sgt Juby's salary and associated costs phone, pager etc. will be covered by TSB for the first two weeks of March. Sgt Juby will have to attend Ottawa for a three-day period to complete a project with TSB and Boeing. Any other of Sgt Juby's time will be a direct billing for service as per the form we designed.

2. All phones in the Hangar and lines associated to the RCMP will be disconnected.

3. Pagers and cell phones will be retained to provide a callback ability to TSB until the holders of same Sgt Juby, Cst Kerr and Cst Cooper will be advised when this is to cease.

I will update everyone as the plan unfolds and I am advised of the TSB requests.

Andy            CC:      Cooper, Duane; Kerr, Andy

            John GARSTANG was called to advise him of these plans, as this doesn’t correspond to what he had told me.  He advised that he would approach GERDEN to discuss it further, as he says it doesn’t make sense to pay for my travel back and forth across town several times per day.  Later in the day, John called to advise that the plans would likely be changing, as he has stressed this cross-town travel point with GERDEN.




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