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01-02-26          ..      the following email was received from him for my information.  I had been speaking with him earlier, and he wanted me to have a list of projects yet to be completed.  He also suggested that the business class seats should be revisited to look for further melt/burn areas. 

From: "Garstang, John" <>        To: 'Juby Tom' <>

Subject: FW: RCMP Assistance: Sgt. Juby                        Date:  Mon, 26 Feb 2001 09:18:30 -0500


             I have forwarded this so you could see what Vic sent to Inspector Lathem and so that you have a copy of our work list.  Please call me once you have had a chance to set up your time lines for this work.

Regards     John

> From:           Gerden, Vic                           > Sent: Friday, February 23, 2001 10:29 AM

> To:    Garstang, Lee    Cc:   Garstang, John; Vance, Larry; Snow, Eric

> Subject:        FW: RCMP Assistance: Sgt. Juby              > Importance:  High

> I have signed this version.

> Vic

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> From:           Garstang, John                               > Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2001 7:20 PM

> To:    Gerden, Vic    Cc:   Vance, Larry; Snow, Eric; Garstang, Lee

> Subject:        RCMP Assistance: Sgt. Juby            > Importance:  High

> Vic,

            I have attached the draft letter with the addition of the request that Sgt. Juby's move out of the hangar not commence until after mid March to facilitate efficient completion of work currently in progress.  Ideally, delay of his move until the end of March would be best in order to build in a contingency should any unforeseen problems arise.

            Inspector Lathem may not know that during my last trip back to the hangar, we were plagued by delay problems such as unforeseen illnesses which played havoc with the extremely tight time lines.  Sgt. Juby was sick and absent for most of the first week I was there.  To his credit, he attempted to try and compensate by coming in to work while still sick for over a week.  Although he gave his best effort, we were not able to make up for all the time lost and the domino effect this had on other related work in the hangar.  This was compounded by others being sick as well.

            Bill Ferguson became so sick he had to go to the hospital emergency ward and he was put on antibiotics.  He too attempted to try and compensate by coming in to work while still sick.  Chris did not make it in to work for approximately two weeks because he was ill.  He tried to come in but he went home his first day back since he was still to ill to work.  Ted, Neil, Rodney and myself were not feeling well at times but everyone worked anyway. 


RCMP 19feb01 JG Edit.wpd>>

SR 111 Investigation Operations Center, 1901 Research Road, Gloucester, Ontario, K1A 1K8

825-A98H0003    19 February 2001  

Inspector A. Lathem, RCMP, O/C Major Crime, Halifax Major Crime Unit, 1585 Bedford Highway, 6th Floor, Bedford, NS, B4A 3Y4

Subject: Continuing Assistance

Dear Inspector Lathem

            Current arrangements are that Sgt. Tom Juby will leave Hangar A at the end of February. As I indicated in our discussions on 25 January, I anticipated that there might still be some follow-up work to be completed at that time, although I could not be specific as to how much.

            Because of various delays over the last couple of months, there are some outstanding investigation projects involving some work in Shearwater. Sgt. Juby would be well placed to assist in these projects and it would be appreciated if Sgt. Juby could be made available to us for two weeks of work in March for which the Swissair budget would compensate as per current arrangements. Some related work will likely extend beyond mid March, for which we would anticipate being billed on a fee-for-service basis for work in excess of the two weeks total. A cost estimate for budgeting purposes would be appreciated. Space would continue to be available in Hangar A to retain some equipment and to use as required by Sgt Juby to facilitate efficient completion of the projects listed below as soon as feasible. Outstanding projects would include:

1.         Continuation of E&R exhibit coordination, obtaining parts and doing movements;

2.         Producing Swissair summaries of Zurich aircraft inspection;

3.         Tabulating insulation data and doing write-ups;

4.         Correlating sample work with laboratory reports received;

5.         Processing a few additional wreckage samples;

6.         Liaising with John Garstang in Ottawa or Shearwater.

7.         Providing some additional >handover/procedural training for Shearwater security and operations procedures, as appropriate, to the personnel from the Halifax TSB office (Bill Fowler 426-2861)

8.         Processing photos and providing access to some photo CDs produced by the RCMP, to facilitate completion of the ongoing 3D CAD contract work in Shearwater

            There may be other remaining items to address during this period with the possibility of a trip to Ottawa to correlate information and other reference material with John Garstang and Larry Fogg.  Your continued cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Vic Gerden  TSB Investigator-In-Charge



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