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01-02-28    .....

            Then Insp. LATHEM phoned advising that he had sent a GroupWise to me.  Basically, he said that if I need the phone, then it stays, and if I have further work to be done, then it has to be done according to the MOU.  So I am still in business over here.

From: Andy Lathem    PRIVATE

To:       Tom Juby     Date:   2/28/01 8:47AM

Subject:           Re: Clarification request re Hangar



            It is my understanding that as of the last TSB correspondence that the Hangar was to be finished as of the 01March 01. If the TSB has further work I would like to hear about it because you have all the info that I do. I also undetstood that John was going to be in Ottawa.

            If you have more info and /or there is a change of the TSB's work send it to me.

             When I spoke with Vic Gerden we had agreed to have your services paid for two weeks in March, at that time I was going to request a projection for you to complete everything associated to TSB work prior to you being involved in new files. The completion time would be billed to TSB as it is their work . I agreed to have you attend Ottawa with John and Larry to finish your collaborative work.


>>> Tom Juby 02/27 12:57 PM >>>

Can you please advise my situation here at the hangar after 01 02 28, as I have received nothing since your message from 01 02 22 advising tentative plans. 

However, GARSTANG has forwarded correspondence that provides a list of the amount of work planned for March, and the fact that space is available for my equipment in my present office space rented by TSB.  The term efficient use of time is mentioned in the correspondence from him, which I suspect precludes travel time back and forth from the Lab building.

Also please advise if I will have a phone line remaining in my office, as without it I have no groupwise, or an email system to send/receive messages from TSB (GARSTANG

 FOOT) in Ottawa.  Thank you for you consideration of this matter.


            After all of this, the four phone lines here in the hangar then went off line, later to be corrected due to a mistake with the base phone people. 


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