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01-01-10          0700    Morning routine.  ..

            The following message was forwarded by GroupWise to Vic GORMAN in Ottawa regarding my LTO over the past two years.  Well see how he responds to it.


            This correspondence is forwarded regarding lieu time off for work performed in the hangar beyond regular hours.  You and I had come to an agreement over annual leave that it would be carried over, and I also felt that it included the extra hours worked.  As you know, we were faced with numerous end dates after which an accounting of time would take place.  For every end date, there was a delay that has now seen me through my third Christmas, quite a difference from being here for only three weeks as Lee FRASER first indicated.  However, it seems that John & I are still faced with the same pressing necessity to finish tasks in less time that TSB management is willing to supply and are still finding small things that shed further light on what happened in that aircraft, which in turn cause further delays. 

            I have been able to go through my notes and determine the following list of hours.  While specific hours were not recorded, my notes for a weekend indicate that I worked on a report and notes over that weekend RTO.  I know that I spent 16 or more hours working but have only claimed eight hours total (straight time, not at OT rate).  This work could not be performed during normal hours, as there was a requirement to be on the hangar floor to undertake photographic and physical evidence duties, along with other duties such as monitoring or performing tests with TSB members, maintaining exhibit control, etc.  Also, that time included performing quality control development of film at local sources, something that was requested by the TSB members to ensure accuracy of exposures and techniques.  Other time was incurred by working at least two hours daily from 0700 to at least 1700 hrs, and often later. 

           As indicated, it also included the writing of reports that were the result of three trips to Zurich, five trips to Ottawa for AES examination, one trip to Seattle for AES test wire production, and one trip to Long Beach for Air Flow tests.  It may be noted that Insp. LATHEM made a comment regarding the AES reports that he had to take them home with him to read and digest, as it was too busy in the hangar to accomplish this task.  This certainly was even truer when trying to actually write those reports and associated notes.

           Over the past two years, this member has worked at least 528 hrs of extra time in performing duties required during this file, this time not having been compensated by means of overtime payment or lieu time off.  This number of hours does not represent all of the extra time incurred by this member, but is an acceptable number, and is at an hour per hour rate, not at any overtime rate.  It is requested that this member be allowed to take the sixty-six days of lieu time off at the conclusion of this file, which is now expected to be 01-02-28. 

99 JAN 1.5 hrs 00 JAN 8 hrs
99 FEB 8 00 FEB 54
99 MAR 22 00 MAR 62
99 APR 48 00 APR 63
99 MAY 42.5 00 MAY 32
99 JUN 19    
99 JUL 39    
99 AUG 16    
99 SEP 20    
99 OCT 36    
99 NOV 22    
99 DEC 35    
99 TOTAL 309 hrs 00 TOTAL 219

Total to date:  528 hrs equals 66 days at straight time. 

 Tom JUBY, A Hangar, Swissair Task Force.

(Clarification:)    This claim showed actual time worked.  For a normal overtime claim, it is calculated at 1.5 x or 2 x depending on the nature of the hours worked.  That was not the case here, or the total would have been at least half as much again.  By the end of the file, the total would have been well over one thousand hours.




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