- 2001 JAN 25 -


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01-01-25          0700    Morning routine. 


            This afternoon, everyone from the meetings came in to view the frame.  Boeing, Swissair, Transport Canada, FAA, and others were present.  John GARSTANG gave most of the tour.  I didnít join in, as I had other things to do, including turning an exhibit. 

            However, at the end, I was present when Larry VANCE made a very interesting series of comments to the Swissair people, including Bruno STUTZ, Peter URNST, Othmar HUMMELL, and Tony?  The subject of the magnesium, EMI (electro-magnetic interference), and other things came up, and he said that the TSB has taken the stand that they must examine these areas so that the areas are covered if someone later suggests an alternative theory along one of those lines.  They will then have examined it and can rule it out. 

            This appeared to me to be a change of position to what we have seen over the past year and a half with the AES.

(Clarification:)    Larry Vance had come a long way since the beginning of this file.  Starting out, only Garstang had any idea of what was required of the TSB to investigate this matter.  But Vance was a fast learner, especially in the politics of the TSB and how to control others and the investigation.  It's one thing to make a statement that sounds offical and professional.  It's quite another to follow through with the described action in a truly meaningful manner regardless of the outcome.



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