- 2001 JAN 29 -


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01-01-29          0700    Morning routine.   ….

            One thing of interest occurred over lunch.  John GARSTANG, John BRITTEN, Bill FERGUSON, and I had lunch at Warrior Block, and the subject of safety tests came up via BRITTEN.  He has been working on them, and is presently trying to determine suitable flammability tests for the materials.  Bill asked a considerable number of questions about the past system of testing, which all lead up to his comments about how incredibly inept the past system was to allow placement of the Mylar and other materials that are presently in the aircraft.  I kept out of the conversation, certainly not directing it in any way, and certainly I have not had any prior conversations with Bill on this matter.  However, it became most obvious to everyone present at the table that the whole subject gives the appearance of corruption at one level or another, that materials were subjected to specific tests with what appears to be the intention of having them pass, even though they fail today’s tests.  On leaving, Bill commented that it is criminal that people had to die in this crash in order to get this material re-examined. 

            This seems to me to be an obvious reaction for someone who has seen the videos and listened to the facts.  But I can do no more at this time, as Insp. LATHEM has ordered me to drop it, as indicated in his memo of 00-11-03 . . . . .

            ".... and there is no identified requirement for you to have any further involvement."

            So, we’ll see what happens later on.



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