- 2001 MAY 03 -


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01-05-03          0630    Morning routine.


            Had a telephone call from John GARSTANG asking if I had received the email regarding the SR Technics shipment.  He reminded me how large the duct is likely to be, and that there may be a need to rent a van to get it down here.  I think Iíll pull the shield out of the station wagon and perhaps it will fit.  Will arrange for something. 

            John also advised that he had suggested to Vic GERDEN, and that it had received positive reception, that I attend at the FAA Tech Centre in Atlantic City to videotape and photograph the test burns.  He said that he wasnít sure that the positive response would end up with my attendance, but that it was looking good so far.  He had no idea what date will be selected, but I advised him that I have an upcoming course the week beginning 01-06-18.  This is certainly something new! 


            Insp. LATHEM called this afternoon to say that he had been speaking with Vic GERDEN.  He advised that because of John GARSTANGS involvement with the Air India file, they could not foresee an end-date for me at the hangar.  He also advised that there was a new duct coming in from Zurich (this is the 4th duct to the 5th zone, which I already know about).  He then also advised me that TSB want me in the group for the FAA fire tests in Atlantic City (the same thing that John had advised me of this morning).  LATHEM said that he would not commit me to the tests until he had spoken to me, and I told him that I had already spoken with John and that as far as I was concerned, if they want me, then I will go.  So, he said that he would inform GERDEN of this.  He joked about the non-end-date, and the fact that I will likely be here for quite some time.  Nothing more was asked.  I advised him of a few things around the hangar, such as Billís medical problem and the new lights, but that was all. 

            In view of this new approach to my continued involvement in the file, and after further consideration of the matter regarding Insp. LATHEMís desire to have my notes edited, I feel that there is no need to send out the memo that S/Sgt. J.J. KING spoke of (asking LATHEM to provide me with the areas that he wants clarified).  Certainly, nothing has been said further in the matter, at least not directly.  Should the subject come up, then I will deal with it at that time.  However, I will not be intimidated into changing my notes, or told what to record and what not to record.  I have been put through the various means available to pressure me into changing the notes, and the next step would be to order me to do so.  This is something I doubt will be done because it steps over the line.



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